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5 Reasons your home might not be getting viewings

Is your home up for sale?  Are you getting frustrated by seeing other agents sold boards or reports that you read that the housing market is picking up? I f you are, you are not alone.  We’ve been talking recently to frustrated home owners across Lancaster and Morecambe who are struggling to sell. Thankfully these people aren’t up for sale with us, although we hope they soon will be.  I can tell you though the first to switch to us is under offer already, and in just 4 days!

We’ve sat down and analysed these home owners property details.  We’ve gone back to basics and looked at various elements.  Some people have been given job lists to do.  We’ve asked people to declutter.  Others to stage their garden.  One has a front door to paint.  Another is now re-grouting the bathroom and buying fresh white bedding.  There are all sorts of different reasons.  However here are just some common reasons as to why your home might be struggling to sell.


You are priced too high

Take a look at the price of your house.  How does it compare to similar properties that you are competing with?  Do you offer value for money?  What do you offer that they don’t and vice versa?  You need to be able to justify your house price.  Buyers will compare.  The property mentioned above was on Standen Gate.  We never altered the price.  Price isn’t always the issue, although sadly often it is.

Your photos don’t do your home justice

How do your photos look?  Last week we looked at the effect of your photos looking too good and misleading buyers (​ ) but what about when your photos just aren’t good enough?  Are you photos dark?  Or worse still has the photographer taken an unflattering angle?  Do your photos look cluttered?  Do you have enough?  Or it could be there is simply too many.  Poor photos can put buyers off.  Buyers want to get a feel for what a home has to offer before they decide to book a viewing and they can’t do that if you have no photos, few photos, or photos that are of a very low quality.

Your property description does not appeal​

Take a read of your property description.  How does it read?  Those first few lines when buyers hunt on the key websites like Rightmove and Zoopla and also in local press are essential.  It’s what your home offers in a nutshell.  But it needs to entice.  It needs to sound interesting.  It needs to be snappy. Combined with your main photo it needs to make people want to click your property details to get more information!

Buyers do not know you are for sale

This might sound silly but are you actually advertised and marketed in all the places buyers are actually looking?  Does your estate agent have a large database of active buyers?  Do they have the staff levels to actually contact these people?  If you think you can just list your home with an agent on rightmove and that will do the job, think again!  Today’s buyers look in a whole range of different places.  Some use the internet ( Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location).  Others use local press.  Social media is a great way to target buyers.  Buyers still visit our offices.  Think of it like booking a holiday.  You might search on travel zoo or last  Other people will call into a travel agents (my Dad still does).  Others like secret escapes.  People are different.  We all do things differently.  Do you have a great marketing mix?  My client on Standen Gate didn’t until she came to us! ( this is the one we sold in just days )

You don’t have great kerb appeal

Stand back and look at your home objectively.  Does your house have kerb appeal?  Look at your windows.  Your front door.  Even your door furnishings.  Check your gutterings.  What does all of this say about you?  You need to look like the best house on the street. I f not how can you make yourself standout.  Think about it.  It might be you need a window cleaner, or you should paint your door.  How about putting some plants in the front garden or if you are a terrace house adding a hanging basket or window box?

What do you think?  Could any of the above be reasons your home isn’t getting viewings?  Ask your estate agent what they think.  Or why not ask me?  I am here to help.  I’ll happily give you my honest opinion.  It’s what we do at JDG.  We want to help you move quickly and the for best possible price.

My name is Michelle.  I am a director at JDG Estate Agents.  If you’d like to chat sometime please call me on 01524 843322.  You can also email me at

Speak soon


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