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Now it’s time vote for JDG


Choosing an estate agent is like choosing your government ( or so a client told me this week and I do see their point!).  You need to have the confidence and trust in the agent you choose.  They need to have ethics, professionalism, and integrity.  Local knowledge and enthusiasm is essential.  They also need belief.  Belief in you and your home.

Here is our promise to you.

We’ll never knowingly overvalue

We hate over valuing.  It doesn’t help anybody.  Certainly not you.  And definitely not us!  We do believe however in getting you the best price for your home and we will demonstrate to you how we do this.

Our photo’s and floor plans will always be honest

Honest photography is at the heart of what we do.  We believe in clear and concise photos.  We believe in home staging.  Great photos attract buyers.  However it should show your home truthfully and certainly not mislead potential buyers.

We will give you full honest feedback

Feedback.  Do you get it from your agent? I t’s the biggest complaint I hear locally.  Feedback is essential.  We need to listen to it.  So do you?  If something isn’t right, we can together create a new a plan of action.

We’ll never have you sign lengthy contracts

We believe passionately in what we do and the service we offer.  This is why we never sign any of our clients to a lengthy contract.  In fact at JDG it is just 14 days notice.  If any agent is asking you to sign a longer contract, please ask them why. I ’d love to know why!

At JDG we don’t sell new houses.  We specialise in private residential sales and lettings.  That means you are our number one priority.  We have our 100 years combined experience.  Great customer service is at the heart of what we do.  Isn’t it time you voted JDG?

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