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How to make the most of your spare room!

Do you have a spare room at home?  The room which everything ends up getting dumped in?  Most of us have one.  Some of will keep our suitcases in here, other use it to doing the ironing.  I’ve even valued a home recently where they kept the Christmas presents for this year and it’s only June!

If you are thinking of moving, it’s really important you give this room an identity.  It has to feel like it’s part of the home and not a room you just shut the door on!

Here are some of our top idea’s.


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The Mulberry handbag, a catwalk model and selling your home.

Can we make comparisons?

I love making comparisons in property.  Everywhere I go, I find them. I  like to use them.  I find it helps people relate better to their home and understand what I am trying to help them achieve.

When you decide to move home, you are doing it for a reason.  We all have them and surprisingly they can differ greatly.  Some people need more space.  Others have a job change and are moving out of the area.  It could be you are moving in with a loved one and are starting your next chapter in life.  It might be that you want to buy one of the new build homes in Lancaster and Morecambe.  Many people also have a time frame, especially if they have already seen a house they wish to buy.  My job is to help you achieve your moving goal and get you the best price for your biggest tax free possession in the process!

Last week I was called to value a modern townhouse.  Three unrelated facts to this story are that the owner’s daughter is buying a house through our agency.  We have just agreed a sale on neighbouring home and when we sell this house, we will have sold every house in this row!

Whilst this house is very well presented, we chatted about home staging and how we live is actually different to how we present a home for sale.  During our conversation I somehow discovered that this lady loves Mulberry handbags.  Her eyes lit up as she talked about them and her latest purchase which had just arrived.  It got me thinking…….

The past has no power over the present-2

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How to decorate your home for selling success!

Deciding to move home is a big deal.  For many it’s a life changing event.  We have dreams and we have hopes.  We pour through magazines and pinterest boards planning on how our new home is going to look often forgetting the one we already live in.  Our current home becomes our past as we look and plan the future.  But how can the future become reality when we our current home isn’t yet sold?  How can we get the price for it?  After all we all want the best price don’t we?

Let’s look at your decor in your present home.  A client just has and the result is, we found a buyer on relaunch in just 6 days!


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Does your home have the right marketing mix?

Marketing Mixes.  It sounds look some sort of recipe doesn’t it?  Or at least that is what a client said to me recently.  It made me laugh. And it made me think.  She is right.  It does.  The right marketing mix is a recipe for success.  A successful sale that is!

An estate agency trainer once said to me, you can’t sell a secret.  And how do you know you are achieving the best price for your client, if their home isn’t exposed to the maximum amount of people? I’ve thought about that long hard.  After all my job is to get the best price for you!

Let’s look at some of the options we have available.  These are available to all estate agents although not all choose to use them.


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Great teamwork sells houses!


Many people ask me what is the secret to how we sell so many houses.  How do we do it?  What actually makes us different?  I put it down to top team work.  We know each other’s strengths.  We even know each other’s weaknesses.  We work together for the good of our client.  We want to achieve the same goals!  Lets compare to a winning football team.

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