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Does your home have the right marketing mix?

Marketing Mixes.  It sounds look some sort of recipe doesn’t it?  Or at least that is what a client said to me recently.  It made me laugh. And it made me think.  She is right.  It does.  The right marketing mix is a recipe for success.  A successful sale that is!

An estate agency trainer once said to me, you can’t sell a secret.  And how do you know you are achieving the best price for your client, if their home isn’t exposed to the maximum amount of people? I’ve thought about that long hard.  After all my job is to get the best price for you!

Let’s look at some of the options we have available.  These are available to all estate agents although not all choose to use them.


1. The property portals

In perceived top place we have the property portals.  Namely Rightmove and Zoopla.  Ask around and most people will tell you that they start their search here.  These people are generally at the beginning of their moving journey, some will decide not to move.  Others will have homes to sell.  The property portals are a great place to begin.  They are also a great place to do some research has to what is happening in the market.  My friend looks on Rightmove almost daily.  Interestingly she isn’t even thinking of moving for another 18 months!  Let’s call this group of people the researchers.

We love this early group.  It allows us to demonstrate to them our marketing skill set.  They check out how agents are performing.  They make judgements based on an agents online marketing.  The property portals are a busy place.  We have to make sure with clever marketing and honest eye-catching photos that we stand out to these people in order to grab their attention for both us and more importantly you! Ask us about premium listings which help make your home really stand out and get you more viewings.

2. The local newspaper

Many people will you tell that the newspaper is an old-fashioned medium.  I understand that, after all we now live in a world of social media and blogging.  However for me it’s still vital.  People still buy it. Different age groups use different mediums.  For instance you’d never find my Dad on Twitter!  Interesting, on weeks when the property guide is in the local newspaper, newspaper sales are up by almost 20%!  It seems people are more inclined to buy a local paper when they are seriously looking to move.  Let’s call this group of people shoppers.

These people have decided they would like to move, however they are not quite at the buying stage. They may have a house to sell, or they may have just started looking and feel they need to check out the market.  These people should not be underestimated.  Because of this we chose to make our press adverts more informative.  We made our selection of properties bigger to be easier on the eye.  Our desire is to help you.

3. The estate agents office

Once you’ve made it a shopper, you’ve made a commitment to move.  Your own house sale may be dictating your time frame, or you may feel you wish to view a few before you commit.  Once though you have a buyer for your own home, or you have a time frame you wish to move in, you move into the group of people we call buyers.

Buyers want to make themselves known.  They call in to our office to check out what we may have coming up for sale.  They want to know us as much as we want to know them, hoping that we have their ideal home coming up for sale.  Buyers want to register on an estate agents database.  They want to hear about prospective homes that may suit them.  A good estate agent will recognise this and make sure any prospective buyers are kept informed of potential properties encouraging them to view.

4. A for sale board

Keen buyers still drive around the areas they are interested in looking for houses for sale.  Some will drive by having already seen the details but wanting to check out the surrounding area first.  Sale boards work. People talk.  They tell their family and their friends.  Because people like to live near their family and friends, you should never underestimate the power of a sale board!

5. Social Media

Times are changing.  We now live in a digital age of smart phones and tablets.  The younger generation in particular seem to live on social media sites.  We have had to change too and luckily we had the foresight to be an early adopter.  We are approaching 1000 local likes on our Facebook page and already have over 5000 followers on our Twitter page.  We have booked viewings and sold houses through social media.  We have witnessed friends discussing a house they like with other friends actually on our timeline (they went on to buy it).  Social Media is all about being social.  It’s not a simple link to Rightmove.  To us it’s about being chatty, informative and friendly.  Ask us any question there, we’ll respond, often late into the evening!
We are here to get the best price for you.  There is more to selling your home than the above.  However the above we believe is really important.  We call it exposure to the market.  It’s making sure the buyers know that your house is for sale.  It works.  In the first week of June we agreed 10 house sales.  Two achieved the full asking price.  Another achieved 5% over the asking price.  The question now to be asked is this.  Does your home have the right marketing mix?  Is your agent prepared to invest time and money in your property sale?
My name is Michelle.  If you’d like to chat further about getting the best price for home, please call me on 01524 843322 or my colleague Darren in our Morecambe office on 01524 409100. You can also email me at



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    October 14, 2015

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