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The Mulberry handbag, a catwalk model and selling your home.

Can we make comparisons?

I love making comparisons in property.  Everywhere I go, I find them. I  like to use them.  I find it helps people relate better to their home and understand what I am trying to help them achieve.

When you decide to move home, you are doing it for a reason.  We all have them and surprisingly they can differ greatly.  Some people need more space.  Others have a job change and are moving out of the area.  It could be you are moving in with a loved one and are starting your next chapter in life.  It might be that you want to buy one of the new build homes in Lancaster and Morecambe.  Many people also have a time frame, especially if they have already seen a house they wish to buy.  My job is to help you achieve your moving goal and get you the best price for your biggest tax free possession in the process!

Last week I was called to value a modern townhouse.  Three unrelated facts to this story are that the owner’s daughter is buying a house through our agency.  We have just agreed a sale on neighbouring home and when we sell this house, we will have sold every house in this row!

Whilst this house is very well presented, we chatted about home staging and how we live is actually different to how we present a home for sale.  During our conversation I somehow discovered that this lady loves Mulberry handbags.  Her eyes lit up as she talked about them and her latest purchase which had just arrived.  It got me thinking…….

The past has no power over the present-2

A high-end purchase

A mulberry handbag is a high-end purchase.  It’s an item which is luxurious.  The leather is so soft.  The owner is willing to pay the high price tag.  They believe it will transform an outfit.  It makes the owner feel good.  It gives them satisfaction.  More importantly these people see the value in this bag.  Just like buying a home, it is seen as an emotive purchase.  Interestingly though what struck me more in our conversation was how this lady viewed the buying process.  She showed me the packaging.  How it arrived all beautifully wrapped.  I laughed when she told me how she likes to keep the Mulberry carrier bag.  And I realised at this moment how these finishing touches are so very important in any high-end purchase.  It’s what encourages us to pay that little bit more.  It’s what makes us want that item.  In the world of property, it’s what make us want that home.  Buying a home is the biggest high-end purchase you will ever make.

Those finishing touches

Those finishing touches are what makes a huge difference.  In property terms we call it home staging. Look around you.  Think about table setting at a wedding.  The way an afternoon tea arrives on a posh tea stand rather than a plate.  Look at how bedding is displayed in a department store or how cars are spaced out in a new car show room.  Consider how calming a spa feels or the beautiful smell of scent in a Jo Malone store.  All of this is done to appeal to our senses.  And it’s our senses, our emotions that encourage us to buy.

The catwalk model

So why a cat walk model?  How does this relate to buying a home?  Think about it.  Many of these models are naturally attractive.  Just like your home, on a normal day they are well presented.  However it’s when they add those finishing touches, the make up, the hair styled, the clothes they wear, the accessories they have, that they start to really turn heads.  I want your house to turn a buyers a head.  So freshen up that paintwork (a models make up), add those flowers and plump up those cushions. Everybody needs to make finishing touches to get the desired result.  The handbag.  The model.  And more importantly, your home!

My name is Michelle.  I am a director at JDG Estate Agents.  I have been advising clients on how to achieve the best price for their home for over 14 years locally.  I’m lucky.  I work with a great team who get our clients results.  Can we help you?

You can reach us on 01524 843322 (Lancaster) or 01524 409100 (Morecambe) or email me at

Ps. This particular home is coming up for sale this week.  We did talk about a lot more, not just handbags!

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