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How to make the most of your spare room!

Do you have a spare room at home?  The room which everything ends up getting dumped in?  Most of us have one.  Some of will keep our suitcases in here, other use it to doing the ironing.  I’ve even valued a home recently where they kept the Christmas presents for this year and it’s only June!

If you are thinking of moving, it’s really important you give this room an identity.  It has to feel like it’s part of the home and not a room you just shut the door on!

Here are some of our top idea’s.


A bedroom

This might sound rather obvious, but dress the room as an actual bedroom.  If you don’t have a spare bed, try borrowing one from a friend.  We have even used inflatable camping beds for this (remember it is not being slept in!).  Alternatively you could pick up a cheap bed on websites like Ebay.  Dress it with really nice white bedding, cushions and a colourful throw.  Put a lamp on a bedside table . Add a few accessories.  The result?  You have achieved a room you can show with pride!

A home office

Many of our buyers are looking to use a room as a home office, after all Lancaster is a university city. There also lots of teachers who live locally who bring paperwork home.  Show them that you have an area where they can comfortably work and keep their files.  Invest in a small desk.  Put a shelf on the wall.  Display a few books.  Have your lap top on display for the photo’s.  Your room now as a purpose and one which will appeal to many!

A playroom

Do you have children and find there are toys everywhere?  If so and you are looking to sell your home, why not make your spare room into a play room for the kids.  This not only gives your room a purpose but also helps de-clutter the rest of your house, giving you back your adult space.  It makes your other rooms more spacious!  If your kids are older why not create them a games room.  Homes with cellars are great for this!

A craft room

Do you want to make your spare room into a useable space for you?   Why not make it into a craft or hobby room?  Many people have hobbies and are actually looking for space to do these.  Why not show them your room has the space!  Transform your room similar to you would a study.  You can be a bit more colourful.  I’ve seen some fantastic hobby rooms, one where a lady actually made hats and another some superb cards.   Just make sure it’s neat and tidy!

By giving your spare room an identity, you’ll create a home which flows. Potential buyers will see how your home really can work for them.  It’s an easy way to maximise the true value of your property.  After all nobody wants to see clutter, do they!

My name is Michelle.  I’m here to help you get the best price for your home.  Our ideas are tried and tested.  They work.   We’ve agreed 38 house sales so far in June.  Follow our advice and we’ll soon get you moving and at a price your home deserves!

You can reach me on 01524 843322.  Alternatively email at



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