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Why you should finish those odd jobs before you put your home up for sale.

Odd Jobs.  Most of us have them around the house.  Sometimes it is the things we never quite got finished.  Sometimes it minor things that need repairing.  It could be something we would change if we were not planning on moving.  We convince ourselves our buyer can do that.  Or change that.  I’ve heard house owners tell me buyers change things anyway, so what is the point?

The point is clear.  You are right.  Buyers will change things.  However they want to do it through desire in a time frame that suits them.  Not through need.  If they are doing it through need, it will most likely affect what they will offer you.  Not finishing your minor odd jobs could cost you thousands!


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How To Choose An Action Agent

We all know someone who can talk a great game.  It might be a friend, a business colleague.  It could even be a family member.  But what happens when it’s your estate agent?  Sometimes talk can be cheap.  Cheap talk can end up being expensive for you resulting in you reducing your house price in order to get that sale.  You need to find an agent which is results driven.  One who will fight your corner and do all they can to get you that best price for you in a time frame you’d like!

Here is how you can find that action agent!


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What is my house worth?

“What can I sell my house for?”

“I want the best price for my house”

Today I want to talk to you about property pricing.  The above are questions / statements I get asked every day.  After all, when you are thinking of moving it’s one of the key answers you are looking for.

I used to answer the true value of a home is what somebody is willing to pay for it.  In many ways I still believe this.  However there are ways we can encourage people to pay more.  Every property I visit has what I like to call, a logical price.  Every property also has the potential to have an emotional price.  Let me explain the difference.


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