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How To Choose An Action Agent

We all know someone who can talk a great game.  It might be a friend, a business colleague.  It could even be a family member.  But what happens when it’s your estate agent?  Sometimes talk can be cheap.  Cheap talk can end up being expensive for you resulting in you reducing your house price in order to get that sale.  You need to find an agent which is results driven.  One who will fight your corner and do all they can to get you that best price for you in a time frame you’d like!

Here is how you can find that action agent!


Go online

This is a top tip.  Go on to Rightmove.  On the home page click Agents on the top bar.  Type in your area.  It will bring up a list of agents.  Click on them and you can see their list of home for sale.  Do they sell houses like yours?  How many have they got sold?  You can see how long they have had a house for sale or if they have lots reduced.  It’s a great research tool!

Check out the sold boards in your area

Take a walk or drive around your local area.  Focus on an area of 1/4 mile radius.  Look out for the agents boards.  How many are for sale?  How many are showing sold?  Who is an active agent in that area?  Agents boards can tell you so much.  Plus if they have sold recently in your area, there is a strong chance they will know other buyers looking in your area too!

Book a viewing with them

If you really want to see your potential agent in action, book a viewing with them.  You’ll get to see the way they really work.  How they actually sell a house.  How they talk to you as a potential buyer. If they just let you look around and don’t know much it’s time to strike them off!  Please though only book to see houses you are interested in otherwise it’s not really fair on the house owner!

Stalk them out on Social Media

Forward thinking agents should now be on Social Media.  Check out their facebook page.  How many likes do they have?  How active are they on there?  Great agents like to share their success stories so they’ll be happily posting what’s selling with pictures too.  They’ll also be posting new houses coming up for sale.  What sort of interaction are they getting?  Facebook can tell you lots!

There are so many other ways.  Ask around.  Ask family, friends and work colleagues who they used. Who would they recommend and why.  Then ask them who not to use and why. You really can’t beat word of mouth!

My name is Michelle.  I am a director at JDG Estate Agents.  Our ideas work.  Already this month we have agreed 28 property sales.  That’s more than one a day.  Choose an agent who you feel confident in.  One who you can work closely with.  It makes a huge difference!

If you’d like to talk further about your move, please call me on 01524 843322 or drop me an email at  I am here to help.

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