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Does your home have the X factor?

Love it or loathe it, it won’t be long before the X-factor is back on TV.  The adverts have started, there to entice us to tune in on a Saturday night.  Whilst we don’t know who the winner will yet be, two things are pretty much guaranteed.  One, there is a high probability they will be the Xmas Number One.  Two, whoever wins will be styled and cheographed over time to perfection.

The really interesting thing is that to get them there, they go down a Long Road.  And it’s this process that makes them a winning hit.  Some may call it madness.  However those who choose to follow the advice of Simon Cowell and his label syco have a great future in front of them.  However it’s the process they go through, not the promise that makes them top of the pops.  And it’s exactly the same when it comes to selling your home.  Let’s look how.

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Let’s discuss Estate Agent fees…….

Why is it that estate agency fees vary?  Why is it that some estate agents charge more than others? Why, when you call to ask what they charge, do you feel like they avoid your answer, making it feel like you are literally going around the houses to get your answer?  It really shouldn’t be like this, should it?


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Bring Back that holiday look!

The holidays are here.  Many of us are jetting off to warmer climates stopping in luxury hotels and holiday villas.  From our holiday we post photo’s of our accommodation, the blue skies, the beautiful flowers, the dinners we enjoy in fab restaurants online.  We do it in hope our friends interact with us, liking our posts and telling us how fab it all looks.

We all want our holidays to be perfect.  We spend so much time planning and saving for it.  Just like we do when we house hunt.  Many of the principles are similar.  Let’s pinch some of those ideas and inject that holiday feeling into our home!


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Does innovation actually sell houses?

Innovation.  The word alone is slowly driving me crazy.  It’s like it has become a new buzzword.

So many estate agents seem to be using this word.  They like to tell us all how innovative they are. Others talk about how their disruptive idea’s will change the housing market.  But what actually is innovation?  And more importantly how does it affect you?  Without sounding harsh do you really care?

Does innovation actually sell houses?-2

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