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Bring Back that holiday look!

The holidays are here.  Many of us are jetting off to warmer climates stopping in luxury hotels and holiday villas.  From our holiday we post photo’s of our accommodation, the blue skies, the beautiful flowers, the dinners we enjoy in fab restaurants online.  We do it in hope our friends interact with us, liking our posts and telling us how fab it all looks.

We all want our holidays to be perfect.  We spend so much time planning and saving for it.  Just like we do when we house hunt.  Many of the principles are similar.  Let’s pinch some of those ideas and inject that holiday feeling into our home!


The first impression

First impressions count.  They really do. I t’s the moment you clap your eyes on the accommodation you are stopping in.  It’s the excitement you feel.  In the hotel it’s the entrance foyer.  Think about the attention to detail.  The presentation.  The cleanliness.  Now transfer that to your home.  Consider your kerb appeal.  Think about the first room your buyers will see.  Think like a hotel

Your Hotel room

How much attention did you give to your accommodation when booking your holiday?  Did you pour over photos for hours weighing up the options?  Would you have booked your chosen hotel if the pictures showed crumpled or non co-ordinating bedding?  How about if the room was cluttered?  Apply this same principle to your rooms at home.  Get them photo ready!

Blue Skies

Would you really book that holiday in the Med if all the photos you saw were of wet, dark gloomy skies?  I think not!  A blue sky has the ability to transform a photo.  It enhances our moods.  It makes us feel so much better and makes everything look so more appealing.  Wherever possible you want a blue sky photo on your property details!

Your garden

We all love to be outdoors on holiday.  Some of us will relax around the pool, others will head to the beach.  We’ll dine alfresco and relax on a sun lounger.  Why not create a holiday feel at home.  Put cushions on outdoor furniture.  Add colourful planters.  Create an area to BBQ.  Show off your yard or garden as somewhere to relax in the sun!

My name is Michelle.  At JDG we are here to help get you moved.  Its why we write our selling tips and blogs.  We want you to view your home sale differently.   We want you to understand our little adjustments can make a huge difference to your results.  If you would like a free home consultation with us,  please call me on 01524 843322 or 01524 409100.



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