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Does your home have the X factor?

Love it or loathe it, it won’t be long before the X-factor is back on TV.  The adverts have started, there to entice us to tune in on a Saturday night.  Whilst we don’t know who the winner will yet be, two things are pretty much guaranteed.  One, there is a high probability they will be the Xmas Number One.  Two, whoever wins will be styled and cheographed over time to perfection.

The really interesting thing is that to get them there, they go down a Long Road.  And it’s this process that makes them a winning hit.  Some may call it madness.  However those who choose to follow the advice of Simon Cowell and his label syco have a great future in front of them.  However it’s the process they go through, not the promise that makes them top of the pops.  And it’s exactly the same when it comes to selling your home.  Let’s look how.

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The record label ( Your estate agent)

Those that follow the advice of Simon Cowell, go onto to be successful.  You only have to look at One Direction.  They are totally manufactured.  Look how styled they are.  Now look at the winner James Arthur.  He refused to follow Simons advice saying he wanted to do things “my way“.  Where is he now?  One way or another Simon proves time and time again his process works.  I suggest you apply this when selling your home.  Follow the advice your agent gives you and take that on board . They are the professionals.  They know what works!

The lead singer

The Rolling Stones are a superb band.  They are group which have been together for years and years.  They are so finely tuned with each other.  However like many bands they have a known lead singer in Mick Jagger.  Whilst there is no doubt Mick has amazing talent, he needs his band.  He may lead the way however he needs his team.  Succesful agents work as a team.  One person can simply not do everything.  Those in the background set the beat.  Together they create the music or in an estate agents instance a successful sale.  If your agent is letting you down, tell them to “Beat it

The choreographers

Successful bands have choreographers.  If you have ever seen a Take That concert you’ll not what I mean.  Look at the styling.  Look at the set.  Even the props they use.  Look at the flow of their routine.  They have to get everything right.  The opening of the concert has to impress. It’s the same when you sell your home.  It only takes a minute to fall in love.  Every room has to flow.  Your home needs to Shine to stand out so buyers will never forget it.

The audience

Above all it’s the audience that’s essential.  U2 have to get them on side.  In the world of the X factor, it’s the audience that is ultimately going to be voting for you.  Once you’ve made it big, it’s those people who will be hopefully buying your records hence peak performance is always essential.  When it comes to property, your audience are your potential buyers.  Therefore your home must be simply the best out there.

At JDG we are here to help.  Buyers are always on our mind.  We wont stop until we have found them what they are looking for!

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