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The Great British House Off

Hands up.  Who’s watching the Great British Bake Off?  We certainly are.  We watch as the contestants compete with each other, all  vying to be crowned the UK’s best baker.  We watch the challenges they go through, the triumphs and the tears they share.  Mel and Sue are there coaxing them along, giving them words of encouragement before they present their bake to the judges, all hoping that they will be the chosen one and crowned star baker.

The bake-off got us thinking.  It’s very similar to preparing your home for sale.  The big question is, does your home have the right ingredients to impress your viewers and clinch that sale for you?


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Have you really viewed that house?

How do you house hunt?  Are you a sofa surfer who looks at almost every Rightmove listing that comes available online?  Or are you someone who is much more specific, purely hunting in a very small area?  We are all very different you know.  First time buyers often have to work to a tight budget, finances dictating what they can afford to buy.  Further up the chain, home movers have much more exacting needs, ranging from the location they want to live in, through to the need for an additional bathroom!

The internet is great for house hunters.  I’m not going to dispute other wise.  In many ways it has become a modern-day newspaper but with so much more detail.  It’s easy to look online.  We can do it at work.  We can do it from home.  We can even search for a property whilst sat in a cafe from our smart phones.  I know people who tap into the details whilst outside the house (Rightmove’s current location tool is great for this).  We then make a decision.  Do we book a viewing or not?  And this is where property hunting often becomes difficult for many!

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Do I need a For Sale board?

Every week without fail, somebody asks must I have for sale board?  There are various reasons for asking, ranging from not wanting to upset the neighbours, through to the fear of somebody knocking on their door directly.  Each time I always answer no.  If somebody really does not one, I will not force you. However before you decide against a board, let me tell you why I believe they are essential.


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7 tips to sell your home in the Autumn

JDG Estate Agents's Blog

How to-5I love the autumn months.  I love it for the comfy sweaters and warm drinks.  I love it for all it’s cosiness. Cooking hearty stews and keeping warm in front of the wood burning stove.  Thick rugs which are soft under foot and rich coloured tactile fabrics.  I also love it because if you get it right, autumn is the 2nd best time of year to sell your home.  Families are back from the summer breaks and the kids are back at school.  We have a couple of months of calm before Christmas is upon us!

Summer months conjure up images of sitting out in the garden and enjoying a barbecue.  Viewings often focus around your outside space however come the autumn that focus moves on.  The weather is cooler, often dull and rainy.  Think now instead of a cosy lounge with a roaring fire.  Think of thick cosy rugs…

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