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The Great British House Off

Hands up.  Who’s watching the Great British Bake Off?  We certainly are.  We watch as the contestants compete with each other, all  vying to be crowned the UK’s best baker.  We watch the challenges they go through, the triumphs and the tears they share.  Mel and Sue are there coaxing them along, giving them words of encouragement before they present their bake to the judges, all hoping that they will be the chosen one and crowned star baker.

The bake-off got us thinking.  It’s very similar to preparing your home for sale.  The big question is, does your home have the right ingredients to impress your viewers and clinch that sale for you?


The signature house (bake)

Does your house feel like a home?  The signature bake is all about personality.  The judges are looking for home-made cuteness with creative flair.  Take a look at your home.  Are you colour coordinated?  Is your home neat and tidy around the edges?  What does your home offer a potential buyer?  Think about how it compares next to similar houses on the market which fall in your price category.  Would you win this challenge on style?

The technical challenge

In the technical challenge we all have the same ingredients.  It’s what we do with them that makes the difference.  Let’s pretend the house across the street is for sale.  You both have 3 bedrooms and 2 reception rooms.  You are both the same price.  Why should someone buy your house?  Look at the extra’s you offer.  For instance you may have a new roof.  Or a damp proof course.  Or a new boiler.  Make sure these “practical” bits are highlighted to buyers.  Focus on your technical differences!

The showstopper

Is your home a show stopper?  Would the estate agent coming to value walk in and go wow? More importantly how would a buyer feel?  In order to get the best price for your home, a buyer needs to feel your home.  It has to appeal to both the emotions and the head.  It has to look as amazing inside and out.  Think like a Parisian Cake and how fantastic they look.  Get all your paperwork in order.  In true bake-off style your home must look and taste good!

Mel and Sue

We relate Mel and Sue to our team.  They are both there guiding, coaxing and sometimes offering a shoulder to cry on.  They are the support the bakers need.  A good estate agent will offer all of this and more.  They’ll be the ones advising you on what you need to do.  They will ask you the right questions and advise you accordingly on what you can do to get the best price for your home.  They’ll be your coach, preparing you and your home for the viewers who will judge it!

Will you win star house?  Are you ready for the judges?  Or in housing terms should I say the viewers!  If you follow the above and think about your home in terms of both presentation and maintenance, you’ll soon have selling success!

My name is Michelle.  I’m a director at JDG Estate Agents in Lancaster and Morecambe.  Along with my team, we are here to help get you moved.  If you’d like bespoke moving advice,  please call us on 01524 843322 or 01524 409100.  We are here to help!

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  1. After selling my home (and being a fanatic baker!!) I can really understand what this article is getting at – and completely agree! Sometimes it feels like even though all the right ingredients are there you keep doing the same thing wrong – change one thing and suddenly it all falls into place!

    September 29, 2015

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