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How to make your home feel more welcoming

Have you decided you want to move home?  If so, you are about to have more visitors than you’ve probably had all year.  However rather than friends and family calling around for a coffee, these people are serious home buyers.  Your home needs to be looking it’s best.  Here are few little tips to help impress those viewers this Autumn.


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Are you in the moving mindset?

Have you ever tried to lose weight?  I know lot’s of my friends have.  Many of them started with diet fads in their 20’s.  We are now all approaching our 40’s and most of us have failed miserably.  Sure we lose a few pounds, however ultimately most of us pile it back on.  And so the diet starts again!

In my 20’s I was lucky.  I weighed just over 8 stone. I  was a size 8.  If anything I was too skinny.  As I approached 30 and become more settled in life, the pounds started creeping on.  I became a size 10 as my weight approached 9 stone.  Fast track to now.  I’m 39.  I’m a size 12 (most days) and my weight last month hit over 10 stone.  You might not think this is a big deal.  I’m not huge however something happened which totally changed my mindset.  My wedding dress did not fit.  I get married in less than 7 weeks. The dress fitter asked me to lose weight.  I felt like crying.

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How to quickly prepare for those last minute viewings!

Do you get frustrated when the estate agent calls to book a viewing yet only gives you 24 hours notice?

It’s difficult isn’t it?  You don’t want to say no, however you are also worried that your home doesn’t look quite it’s best.  If you say no, you risk losing the viewing.  If you say yes, how on earth do you get ready in time?  Today I want to share with you one my favourite tips.  We devised this for a client.  It worked for her and I’m sure it will work for you.  It’s really simple.  Buy 4 cardboard boxes.  Here is what to do with them!

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Is your asking price right?

Setting the right asking price for your home is often the hardest thing you can do.  We all want a good deal, however if you set your price too high you risk putting potential buyers off.  Set it to too low and you’ll always be wondering could you have achieved more.

There are many factors which determine the true value of your home.  This ranges from the area, the age, the size, number of bedrooms, garden, parking, and overall condition.  Some will say a house is only worth what will someone will pay for it.  In some ways I agree with this however I also think we can help influence that thought too.
When it comes to house pricing, most people turn to an estate agent.  After all, valuing and selling houses is what estate agents are all about.  What happens though when an estate agent tells you your home is worth more than you expected?  Should you believe them?  Should you raise your own expectations and hopes?


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Light up your home for selling success!

Your home is de-cluttered, your decor tip top.  You’ve finished off all of those odd jobs that needed doing.  You are almost ready to market your home.  However before you do, have you considered your lights?  Great lighting adds atmosphere.  It transforms a gloomy corner.  It can make your home stand out on a dull day.  Here are some simple ways to brighten your home and make it stand out to your potential buyer!


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