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How to quickly prepare for those last minute viewings!

Do you get frustrated when the estate agent calls to book a viewing yet only gives you 24 hours notice?

It’s difficult isn’t it?  You don’t want to say no, however you are also worried that your home doesn’t look quite it’s best.  If you say no, you risk losing the viewing.  If you say yes, how on earth do you get ready in time?  Today I want to share with you one my favourite tips.  We devised this for a client.  It worked for her and I’m sure it will work for you.  It’s really simple.  Buy 4 cardboard boxes.  Here is what to do with them!

FullSizeRender 2

The kids room

Give the kids a box each.  Label it with their name.  Pile all their toys which might be on the floor in the box.  Hide the box in the bottom of the wardrobe.  Now you can focus on quickly making the bed in the morning!

Your teenagers room

We all know what teenagers can be like.  If the won’t tidy their room, quickly scoop up the contents from the floor, the dressing table and clothes lying around and put them in the box.  Treat like the kid’s bedroom.  Make the bed and pull back those curtains!

Those general areas  

Take a box and go around your general living areas.  What needs scooping up?  Think paperwork that is left on the side, the pets bedding, shoes which might have been left in the hallway.  Anything which looks out-of-place needs popping in the box.  You’ll see so much more space and your home will look clutter free!

Your home staging kit

Every home should have a home staging kit.  Keep luxury cushions, fresh matching towels and posh bathroom goodies in it.  Use it to dress the house so it looks coordinated and stylish.  Buy some flowers, fill up your fruit bowl and you have a house ready to show.  Spray your home with your favourite room scent and you are ready to go!

4 boxes and 30 minutes is all it takes.  If you can spare 10 more minutes, whizz around with the Hoover too. You should now be ready for those last-minute viewings! It really can be as simple as that. Just remember to hide those boxes away!
My name is Michelle.  I am the branch valuer at JDG Estate Agents.  I’ve been valuing home in Lancaster for over 14 years.  My colleagues Nina and Darren across in Morecambe have both worked in their local market for over 15 years each.  We know Lancaster and Morecambe well.  Can we help you move? Please call us on 01524 843322 or 01524 409100

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