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How to make your home feel more welcoming

Have you decided you want to move home?  If so, you are about to have more visitors than you’ve probably had all year.  However rather than friends and family calling around for a coffee, these people are serious home buyers.  Your home needs to be looking it’s best.  Here are few little tips to help impress those viewers this Autumn.


Set The Scene

Your viewers have arrived and they are taking a close look from the outside.  Make sure your home looks like it’s the best on the street.  Have you swept up those leaves?  Are you windows sparkly clean?  Make sure your hallway feels spacious, even if it means hiding away your coat collection.  Why not make welcoming statement with fresh flowers and plug-in a lovely smelling diffuser!

Get Organised

How organised is your home?  A good de-clutter will make your home feel spacious.  Plumped up cushions will make it feel like you are expecting guests.  Tidy shelves will show you have space.  Think about the cupboards buyers might want to open.  Tidy shelves and cupboards can make an impressive difference! Little things count.

Warm and Inviting

Make your home, warm and inviting. Make sure the heating is on, you don’t want your viewings feeling like they are left in the cold!  Light the fire whenever you can or should you not be home, why not have some lit fairy lights in a tall glass vase or lantern.  It can look very pretty.  You should always leave lamps on.  They really do add ambience to a room!

Focus on nature

Nature. We all love it, even people who live in the city centre.  It’s not just for country dwellers!  Why not brighten up your garden your yard with winter plants.  Window boxes on terrace homes can look really pretty.  You could fill jugs and vases with fresh flowers and display on your kitchen windowsill or in the middle of your table.  Use nature to give your home a loved feel.


We have many more great selling tips.  Why not ask us to create a bespoke moving plan for you?  At JDG we love to help.  Our advice is free.  It really is!


My name is Michelle.  I am a director at JDG Estate Agents.  If you would like to chat about how we could help you with your sale and find out how we achieve great prices for our customers, please call me on 01524 843322.  We are here to help

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