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12 Selling Tips for Christmas

It’s December.  And as such we thought we’d share with our 12 top selling tips for Christmas.  Houses, apartments and bungalows all do sell during the festive period.  There may be less people out house hunting, however those who are,  are generally a lot more serious.  Many home sellers have concerns.  Do they put the Christmas tree up?   Can they decorate their home for the festive period?  If done correctly, and tasteful is the key here,  we believe Christmas can actually help your home sell!

This year, we though we would ask our each member of our team what their top tip would be.  Here they all are.  Which one do you like best?

12 tips to sell your home this Christmas

Tip 1 – Choose a tree that fits

Darren’s advice is really simple.  Choose a tree thats fits!  I think we are all guilty of this one.  I’ve seen some great designs this year.  Tall trees look great and can emphasise high ceilings.  However for smaller spaces have you seen the semi tree’s that can stand against the wall?



Tip 2.  Keep your decorations tasteful

Meet Sammy.   We all agree with Sammy.  Make sure your tree co-ordinates with your room.  Keep the decorations simple and tasteful.  You want people to go wow when they walk into your room!


12 selling tips for Christmas

Tip 3.  Give your home festive kerb appeal

I think getting your kerb appeal is essential when trying to sell your home.  At Christmas,  you can have lots of fun with this and really make your home stand out.  Wreaths on front doors can look fabulous.  Or how about twinkling fairy lights on a tree in your front garden?



image2 3

Tip 4.  Make the most of your features

Vicky’s idea is superb and one we should all do.  Its time to show off the best features your home has.   You could also hang your Christmas stockings from the fireplace ready for Christmas Day or dress it with a twinkling pine garland.




Tip 5.   Deck your halls

Meet Suzanne from our Morecambe office.  Suzanne loves a hallway in a house and so do many of our viewers.  If you have a hallway, you really can steal a march on your competition.   Its time to deck those halls with boughs of holly….




Tip 6.  Light up your garden

When we asked Cassie for her top tip,  she decided to focus on the garden.  We thought this was great as gardens can get overlooked in the winter months.  Think of all those people out viewing on dull, dark days.  You can really capture your buyers imagination lighting up the outside and steal a march on your competition!



image3 2

Tip 7.  Make sure your viewers are cosy!

Nobody likes being cold especially when inside a house.  Rachel knows this better than most of us as she is often showing buyers around our houses.  Keep the heating on or if you are lucky enough to have an open fire or wood burning stove,  why not light it?  Your viewers will be nice and cosy!



image3 3

Tip 8.  Show off your dining space

Does your home have a dining room or a fabulous kitchen diner?  If so, Nina from our Morecambe office feels now is the time to really show off to prospective buyers that if they bought your home, they too would have the space to entertain family and friends in style!   Make sure your home ticks the boxes when it comes to space for visiting guests!



image2 2

Tip 9.  Wrap your presents to co-ordinate

We like this tip.  If you are going to display your Christmas gifts under the tree, think like they do in the movies and wrap your gifts so all the co-ordinate.  It can look really pretty and also rather luxurious.  Plus it will make your home stand out in a buyers mind!



FullSizeRender 2 copy

Tip 10.  Feed the birds

This tip is really simple.  Wildlife needs our help.  Buy feeding the birds, you’ll be doing a good deed.  But also by attracting wildlife to your garden or yard, you’ll impress those viewers.  Imagine a little red breast sitting on your fence whilst your viewers look around.  It creates a picture perfect scene and is ever so cute!



image4 3

Tip 11.  Keep your windows clean and frost free!

Have you met Pete?  He’s our Lancaster Branch Manager.  Pete has come up with a great tip.  If your windows are clean and frost free, you’ll let so much more light into your home.  Given how dull winter days can be,  we think this a great idea and one we should all remember!



image1 2

Tip 12.  Make your home smell delightful

And here we have Mr JDG himself.  For our final tip, we thought it was only right John shared his selling secret.  John chose the smell of Christmas.  Smells really can make a difference to how we feel about a place.  They can evoke feelings and memories.  Think about the smell of new carpets, the smell of a new car.  However at Christmas time we all love orange and cinnamon.


So here you have it.  Our favourite Christmas Selling Tips.  At JDG we are here to help you.  We would love to know your thoughts.  If you are thinking of moving of the festive period, try the above and let us know how you get on.


Don’t forget if you’d like some bespoke advice, please give us a call on 01524 843322 or 01524 409100.




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