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5 simple ways to update your home just like you would your little black dress

A little black dress is considered to be a wardrobe staple.  It’s the blank canvass of the fashion world, there to be dressed up or down as the occasion dictates and easily transformed with simple accessories.  Worn on it’s own, it often goes unnoticed.  Add a pop of colour, a silk scarf or a bit of sparkle and it’s a force to be reckoned with!

I often visit homes with plain white, cream or magnolia walls and plain carpets to match.  Does this sound familiar?  For example when selling a home on a larger housing estate, there is always competition.  It is easy for one home to merge into another for a viewer, especially when they all look to offer similar.  You need to make sure your home stands out.  You need to accessorise it so it shines.  Give it the black dress make over!

Little black dress

Pick your style

What’s your style?  Think about the character of your home and who you want it to appeal to.  For example if you are appealing to first time buyers you might want to go trendy.  If you think your buyer might be more discerning think LUXE.  If you are a home in the country, shabby chic might suit you.  Just like the little black dress, you can transform your blank canvas that is your home for the occasion!


Let’s add some colour

Now it’s time to add colour to your home. Little black dress wearers often do this with shoes and scarfs.  For you this can be through cushions and rugs, flowers and artwork.  It need not be expensive.  Seek inspiration from the weather outside and the changing seasons.  Jewelled colours can look really rich and warm in the winter months.  Whilst shades of blue can help create a Scandinavian feel.


Now add some texture

Colour and texture can transform the tone of a room.  Pile on the cushions, on both on the bed and sofa.  Use rugs to add warmth and tie in a colour scheme.  Invest in a throw.  Texture can also be added by using plants in a room.  Why not try basket and woven trays in the bathroom. Old fashioned book also fabulous displayed on open shelves.  A space is often more interesting when they are several textures present.  Think like Kate Moss who’s known to always add texture to her little black dress!


Add a touch of glamour

Think how the right statement necklace or pair of earrings can transform your little black dress.  Now apply the same principal to your home.  Add those glamorous touches with metallic mirrors and oversized candles. Allow the light to bounce around the room with glass or glossy work surfaces.  Add a statement light fitting to create a wow feel.


Don’t forget those finishing touches

Research shows that people remember what they smell twice as long and more vividly than they do what they see or hear.  Therefore you need to make sure your home smells great.  Give it the luxury smell of vanilla and the relaxing feel of lavender.  Use stylish room diffusers.  It’s just like adding your perfume before you go out!


A home which is a blank canvass, is the most versatile property on the market.  It need not be a wall flower.  By following our simple tips, you’ll soon be wowing those buyers and making sure you stand out against the competition!


My name is Michelle Gallagher.  I’m based in the Lancaster office.  Along with my colleague Nina in Morecambe, we are here to help you get the price for your home.  Simple home staging works and it’s all part of the bespoke service we offer at JDG.  Can we help you move?  Please call us to have a chat on 01524 843322 or 01524 409100




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