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What happened in the Lancaster Housing Market in 2015?

Selling houses, it’s the name of the game.  It’s what every agent sets out to do.

Some do it with great success.  Some struggle along. You hear stories of happy customers and people who moved quickly achieving a great price.  You hear sad stories of frustration and stress from those struggling to sell.  The question is how do you find a Super agent, who will do the best for you?


We turn hopes and dreams in to

The pie chart on the link below demonstrates agents varying levels of success in 2015.  As you can see our Lancaster office agreed 185 sales in total, 25% more than the next agent.  It’s not all about the number of sales though, it’s also about the top prices achieved and the time it took to actually find a buyer for our clients ( both of which deserve a graph of their own! ).  So what should you look for when selecting an estate agent to sell your home?

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It’s 2016. Should I change estate agents?

I’ve a read an article today that says on average 43% of all home sellers will change estate agents before a house sells ( Source Move with Us )

It’s quite a depressing thought isn’t.  When you instruct an estate agent to act your behalf, you do so in good faith, believing what they tell you.  This can often be an over inflated asking price.  It could be they claim to already have a buyer lined up or tell you that your house is the best thing sliced bread and it will sell no problem!  Over the years I’ve heard it all.  I’ve heard of promises made and then not fulfilled.  Selling your home however is not about a promise.  It’s about the process we take as your agent to find a you buyer at the best possible price.  The question you have to ask is this.  Is your estate agent working for you?

Is it time

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