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It’s 2016. Should I change estate agents?

I’ve a read an article today that says on average 43% of all home sellers will change estate agents before a house sells ( Source Move with Us )

It’s quite a depressing thought isn’t.  When you instruct an estate agent to act your behalf, you do so in good faith, believing what they tell you.  This can often be an over inflated asking price.  It could be they claim to already have a buyer lined up or tell you that your house is the best thing sliced bread and it will sell no problem!  Over the years I’ve heard it all.  I’ve heard of promises made and then not fulfilled.  Selling your home however is not about a promise.  It’s about the process we take as your agent to find a you buyer at the best possible price.  The question you have to ask is this.  Is your estate agent working for you?

Is it time

Why do some houses not sell?

Properties don’t sell or have no viewings for all sort of reasons.  Sometimes it’s the price. Sometimes it’s the fact that buyers don’t know its available for sale.  It can even be your presentation from the way your home is staged through to how the photos look.  Ask yourself these 5 questions.  Can you answer YES to them all?

  • Is your home fairly priced against other houses of similar size and standard?
  • Is it advertised in all the right prices?  Eg Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location, local press, estate agents office, social media
  • Is your agent proactive in their approach?  Do they have a mailing list of current registered buyers?
  • Does your brochure do your home justice?  Read it.  Look at the photos.
  • Does your estate agent communicate regularly with you?  Do they call you, or are you chasing them?

How many yes’s did you score?  If you got all 5, your home really should be selling.  If you got 4, you have a good chance.  If it’s 3 or under, it might be time to consider changing estate agents or at the very least, ask for a meeting to see how you can improve things.


Asking for a meeting

Do you like your estate agent?  It’s not a trick question.  If you do, but you feel things aren’t quite going as they should, ask for a meeting or a reevaluation so you can work out what’s not working out and what can be done about it.  This might mean extra advertising. It could be a new brochure is prepared.  It could just be that it puts your home in the front of your agents mind.  Give them another chance to see if they can do anything different for you.  If they say it is the price or seem unwilling to change, I suggest you consider changing!


How to change agents

Changing estate agents is quite easy.  You don’t have to fall out with them.  First of all check our contract to make sure you are not locked in for a lengthy period.  If all is ok, most agents ask for just 14 days notice which you will have to put into writing.  You won’t need a new EPC and if you were to swap to JDG we’d give you a free floor plan too.  Make sure you quiz your new agent to check they offer what you are looking for.  Estate Agents are very different despite the fact our ultimate aim is the same.  Make sure your new agent is the best agent for you and can afford you the time your home deserves!
How is your sale going?  Would you like a 2nd opinion?  If so I’d love to come and chat with you.  At JDG we give free home staging advice as part of our valuation service.


I’m Michelle Gallagher.  Call me on 01524 843322 or my colleague Nina on 01524 409100. We are here to help you move!


All the best




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  1. It’s pretty crazy that 43% of all home sellers will change estate agents before a house sells. You’re right to ask ‘do you like your estate agent?’ This is something that you really should try and gauge when you’re choosing one because, as with any partnership, if you don’t get along it’s not going to work. You and the agent are meant to be on the same team and you’ll be more likely to succeed in making a sale if you’re able to work closely together.

    January 19, 2016

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