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What happened in the Lancaster Housing Market in 2015?

Selling houses, it’s the name of the game.  It’s what every agent sets out to do.

Some do it with great success.  Some struggle along. You hear stories of happy customers and people who moved quickly achieving a great price.  You hear sad stories of frustration and stress from those struggling to sell.  The question is how do you find a Super agent, who will do the best for you?


We turn hopes and dreams in to

The pie chart on the link below demonstrates agents varying levels of success in 2015.  As you can see our Lancaster office agreed 185 sales in total, 25% more than the next agent.  It’s not all about the number of sales though, it’s also about the top prices achieved and the time it took to actually find a buyer for our clients ( both of which deserve a graph of their own! ).  So what should you look for when selecting an estate agent to sell your home?

Rightmove Intel 2015

They communicate

The best estate agents have great communication skills.  If you are not in regular touch with your estate agent as a buyer or seller it can become very stressful.  A super agent, also knows how to communicate with you.  Some clients prefer it by email, others by phone.  Often the sale of a home can be time sensitive and it’s important your agent realises this.

They are proactive

A proactive agent is one who chases buyers and is not reliant on the internet alone to bring the buyer to your door.  They are chasing up on potential leads and talking to registered buyers.  A proactive agent keeps you informed of what is happening. They are covering all bases to ensure your home is seen by the maximum number of people.

They listen

Super Agents listen.  They ask questions.  They find out about you and what you actually need, rather than give you what they think you want.  One cap does not fit all. Different clients have different needs and a super agent should be able to adapt to this.  If an agent isn’t showing 100% interest in you, it’s time to think about trying a different one.


They know their properties

There is nothing worse than an estate agent who shows a house and knows nothing about it. If you were buying a car you would want the full service history.  Why should a house be different?  Make sure the estate agent you choose has full time viewers and you have a dedicated property manager who keeps you updated as the sale goes along. It works for us!

Can we help you move?  Over the years we have helped over 8000 families move locally.  We’d love a chance to meet with you and informal chat as to we can help.  Call us for a free home move consultation on Lancaster 01524 843322 or Morecambe 01524 409100.

My name is Michelle.  I don’t really where my pants on the outside.  Nor do I actually believe we are really super heros!  I do however believe in hard work, integrity and honesty.  If you are prepared to give your something your all, you don’t need super powers!  Hard work and determination always wins!

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  1. It is always interesting to learn about the local property markets of places – thank you for sharing!

    January 20, 2016

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