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It’s time to ask Mr JDG your property related questions!

Do you have a property related question?  If so Mr JDG is on hand to help!

This February, Lancaster Arts are hosting a special 3 week event across the city.  The festival of questions seeks to explore the social, economic and political climate of our time.

The Lancaster Festival of Property Questions



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Home is where the heart is…..

There’s an old saying.  Home is where the heart is.  I agree, it really is. It’s the place of safety and comfort.  It’s the place you share with your family, your children, your pets.  Memories are made.  Tears are wiped away.  Laughter is shared.  Your home is part of who you are. I ’ve even heard people say it is even essential for their well-being.

People move for all sort of reasons.  Some are happy.  Sadly some are sad. However (with the exception of investors), they all have one thing in common.  They are looking for a new home.  Somewhere they can move their family and their heart to.  The big question is, how can you make someone else fall in love with your home?

Home is where the heart is....

The newly married Mr and Mrs JDG

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Case Studies. A Lancaster Client Success Story

Welcome to the very first of our new case studies series of articles where we look at the real reasons people move and how they achieve their moving goals.

There are reasons out there why some houses sell easier than others. There are reasons why some properties sell for more than their neighbours did.  There are reasons why some properties struggle to sell. We want to break it all down with the ultimate aim of helping you.

Real LifeSuccessStories


Property Address  Vincent Street, Primrose

Price  £120,000

Property Type  2 bed terrace home

Time on market until sold  5 days

Number of viewings booked  7

Reason for sale  Upsizing as they now had a baby girl and needed          more space

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