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Home is where the heart is…..

There’s an old saying.  Home is where the heart is.  I agree, it really is. It’s the place of safety and comfort.  It’s the place you share with your family, your children, your pets.  Memories are made.  Tears are wiped away.  Laughter is shared.  Your home is part of who you are. I ’ve even heard people say it is even essential for their well-being.

People move for all sort of reasons.  Some are happy.  Sadly some are sad. However (with the exception of investors), they all have one thing in common.  They are looking for a new home.  Somewhere they can move their family and their heart to.  The big question is, how can you make someone else fall in love with your home?

Home is where the heart is....

The newly married Mr and Mrs JDG

Falling in love

If your home is where the heart is, then surely falling in love with a new house is a feeling?  And feelings are in essence emotions.  Think of your first date with your loved one.  The excitement you felt.  The feeling that this person could be the “one”.  As a newly wed of just 2 months ( I married Mr JDG in December), I know this feeling well.  I look back at my wedding day with total joy and feel exceptionally blessed.  We had been together 15 years.  Even still there was lots of planning.  There was lots of preparation.  Even an element of expense.  All for that one day. Interestingly though, there was no stress in the planning.

Tip. Prepare properly for minimum stress!


First impressions

First impressions should not be under estimated.  It’s the moment your eyes connect.  It’s a highly visual moment.  If you look at the effort put into a wedding, think about your venue choice.  Your table settings.  The time you invested in to hair and make up trials.  The dress you chose for your and your bridesmaids.  All in the hope your guests were wowed. Now consider how does your home look?  Is it going to impress a viewer? You have 60 seconds to make a great impression and that starts at the front door.  Mr JDG often refers to make up as bringing in the decorators.  He’s very cheeky, but maybe he has a point!

Tip. Often less can be more when it comes to decor and make up!


Atmosphere and ambience

What is the atmosphere of your home?  I believe atmosphere is a feeling. It is what makes you decide if you want to stop or leave.  It’s something which can also be easily created.  Restaurants and hotels want to create a romantic atmosphere for both weddings and valentines day.  They do this was fabulous table settings, dimmed lighting and soft playing music. In a home we can do similar.  Little things help.  Light the fire for a cosy feel.  Dress the bed.  Pop on the side lamps.  Buy some flowers.  Make sure home smells great!

Tip. People also create atmosphere, so make sure the person showing off your home has a positive attitude


I truly believe there is a buyer out there for every house on the market. My job though is to help you get the best price for your home.  It’s the difference between what I call Logical Pricing and Emotional Pricing.  It’s the reason why so many local homemover’s choose JDG.  It’s why we give bespoke advice to you.  Everyone has a moving story.  Everyone has a dream.  Even me.

If you want to know about how you can get the price for your home, let’s meet up for chat.  Our home consultations are free.  An hour of your time, could just be a very worthwhile hour spent!

My name is Michelle Gallagher.  You can reach me at or by calling 01524 843322

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