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It’s time to ask Mr JDG your property related questions!

Do you have a property related question?  If so Mr JDG is on hand to help!

This February, Lancaster Arts are hosting a special 3 week event across the city.  The festival of questions seeks to explore the social, economic and political climate of our time.

The Lancaster Festival of Property Questions



It got us thinking.  Property is actually a major part of our economy.  When the housing market slumped, many businesses and industries suffered because of it.  Much of our economy actually relies heavily on the state of our housing market.  Today it is strong.  Houses are selling and properties prices have to started to surpass the peak of 2007 in many areas ( please note, not all are quite there yet).  New housing developments are springing up in both Lancaster and Morecambe.

Mortgage rates are currently at an all time low with Money Supermarket reporting that lowest 5 year rate of all time has recently been launched.  The outlook is good for many despite the changes announced by the goverment for landlords and 2nd homes owners which come into force in April 2016.

To coincide with the festival of questions, we thought we would get Mr JDG to answer those questions for you that we regulary get asked!  After all, John has been selling houses successfully in Lancaster and Morecambe for over 27 years now.  With over 8000 house sales under his belt, he truly is the areas local property specialist.


What will happen this year with house prices?

House prices have always been a british obsession and as mentioned above a key driver of the UK economy.  According to a recent article in the Sunday Times, Two-thirds of Britons expect the average price to be higher in 12 months times, whilst only 6% think they will be lower.  Interesting isn’t it!  Locally in Lancaster and Morecambe all the signs so far are that prices are slowly increasing.  By the time year is out, we expect an average increase of between 2-4% on the average price over a 12 month period.  Don’t forget the condition of your home is an important factor to this!

When is the best time to sell my house?

Historically Spring is always a great time to sell although we have to point out the local housing market has not experienced any seasonal dips recently.  In the spring gardens are coming in to bloom and weather is generally better.  Christmas is also a distant memory.  Come the Summer, families do start to plan their annual holidays, plus with children off school, many people put their house hunting plans on hold focusing on child care instead.  That said we had a brilliant August last year (our best in 10 years) so you can never truly judge it!

How can I best improve the value of my home?

This is the question our property valuers get asked almost daily! Hence they have been highly trained to give bespoke advice tailored to you and your home. We try to keep our tips simple and low cost. Here however a few that apply to every home!


Create Space

Make sure your rooms look spacious. This might mean less furniture. It might mean putting some items into storage. All buyers are looking for space, even in a one bed home.


Finish off those odd jobs

You might be thinking the next owner will change things anyway and you are right, they probably will. However by not having those jobs finished, you are giving a buyer a brilliant excuse to make a lower offer. Finish them off in order to get the best price.


Keep it clean and smelling fresh

Houses which are clean and fresh smelling always command better prices.  People don’t want to smell pets or see stained grouting in the bathroom.  Even your oven needs to sparkle.  Give buyers a reason to buy. Not an excuse to offer less!
Do you have questions for John?  If so drop us an email at or why not tweet us @JDGEstateAgent using the hashtag #AskMrJDG.  At JDG we are here  to help you and we all love talking property!

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