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Selling your home is like fishing. The question is, how do you catch the best fish in this sea?

Have you ever wandered around the fish markets abroad?  It’s something I love to do.  I like to see how the locals really live and for some strange reason I have a fascination for these places.  If you get there early enough you see the hoteliers and restaurants choosing for their customers.  Later on the locals arrive to do their own shop.

What really intrigues me though is why some fish stalls have small crowds gathered around whilst others can literally have no customers at all.  On my recent trip away last week I was determined to find out why and it all starts with the fishing itself.

Selling your home is like fishing

Fish where the fish are

This might sound really obvious but you need to fish where the fish are.  And apparently fish don’t all swim in the same area waiting to be caught!  It costs more money to have trawler boats and sonar technology yet they are essential if you want to catch the best fish.  You can relate this to the way people house hunt and the way the best estate agents work.  The most successful agents cast their nets far and wide in order to find those buyers.  To catch those buyers they have to advertise in the all places theses buyers are looking.  Just like the fisherman who have small boats not all estate agents want to spend their money doing this.  Hence they end up catching less and smaller fish.

Just so you know we use ALL the major property sites ( Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime Location ).  We use local press and the latest techniques in social media marketing to hook you a buyer.  We also have our own pond full of house hunters who we need to find the right home for.  These are easy to catch.  They are the ones sat there nicely waiting!

Know your bait

Casting a big net is certainly essential but it that alone won’t catch all types of fish.  This is why fisherman often use bait.  However you need to know your bait well to attract the right type of fish.  Catch these fish and you can get a really good price for your catch.  In restaurants they call this “catch of the day” and the waiters are often very excited about their latest offering!

It’s very much like this with selling houses.  For some house hunters the bait ( this is what hooks them into view ) could be as simple as a south-facing garden.  Or it could be the desire to have a kitchen diner.  Your bait is your homes best features.  Make sure they stand out in your marketing.


Refine your technique

Some people can fish for hours and never catch a thing, whilst another fisherman reels them in one after another.  It’s all about the technique and the process they use.  It’s about their consistency and commitment.  It about the effort they put in.  It’s also about team work.  You don’t just need the need skills, you also need the man power to reel those large nets in.  The most successful fisherman work in teams, all playing an important part on their trawlers.

The same goes for estate agents.  You need a great team.  How can someone who is out carrying out viewings be the same person who answers the phone in the office and chases up your sale as it is going through?  You simply can’t do it all.  Team work is essential if you want to do the best for you clients!

Show off your catch

Just like it is in estate agency I was politely informed that not all fisherman are the same, and that only the best fisherman catch the best fish.  However I also learnt that even in fishing presentation of your fish is also key to selling success.  This busy stall was impressively displayed.  The ice was kept topped up.  The fish mongers included free expertise filleting and would prepare your fish how you wanted it.  Their knowledge on fish was superb and they were happy to share it.  They offered so much more than many other stalls which is what I put down to their success.


We can all learn from this.  Probably in many business models.  However back to estate agency.  In order for you to get the best buyer for your home who will pay the best price, you need to make sure you have the best agent for you.  Make sure your home is presented well, that your best features ( your bait ) are clearly highlighted and that your agent is casting their net far and wide ( their marketing ) in order to hook and reel those buyers in.  The best agents aren’t the cheapest.  But neither is the best fish.  And we all want the best we can afford don’t we?


Can we help you move?  My name is Michelle Gallagher.  I’m one of the directors at JDG Estate Agents.  If you’d like a  chat and home move consultation,  please give me a call on 01524 843322.  It’s free to do and it might just help you get the best possible price for your home.

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