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Price is what you pay. Value is what you get!

Have you ever bought something that really wasn’t fit for purpose, only to have to start again?  Did you do it because you perceived it to be cheap?  Or because you believed it to be better value?

We’ve all been there.  I booked a flight with Jet2.  It was cheaper than Monarch.  However if I had known they did not have a walk way to the plane and I’d be stood out in the pouring down rain getting drenched, I’d have happily paid the extra £30 each.  £30 more not to get wet and end up with a heavy cold sounds like great value now.  Trust me sat in wet clothing for a 3 hour flight was not pleasant at all!  Would you agree?

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get

































Last week we went to London.  We arrived in London late having caught the train after work.  I planned that we’d dine in china town.  The restaurant I really like there was busy, however the one across the road looked to have space.  Maybe it was the special offer in the window that attracted the people in.  I hate to admit, it did me.

I should have been alarmed when I asked for a J2O.  They reply was a simple no.  I asked what soft drinks they had.  Just coke was the answer.  Coke is what I got.  They rushed me with my order, apparently it was last orders for food.  We chose quickly.  The starter and the main meal arrived together.  I questioned why. The chef wanted to go home and it was late.  As soon as I finished my soup, my bowl was dragged away and my main course literally pushed forward on the table indicating for me to eat quicker.  The bill arrived before we finished our meal.  We had only been in there 25 minutes maximum.  My meal was rushed.  I didn’t enjoy it and left with belly ache from eating too fast.  Even worse, they had a 3 star hygiene rating on the door.  Another lesson learnt.   You really do get what you pay for!

It’s time to practice what I preach

What gets me mad is I should practice what I preach.  You see it’s the same in estate agency.  Just like restaurants, no two agents are the same.  How can they be when you are dealing with a service based industry that revolves heavily around people and knowledge?

Why do some agents achieve a better price than others?

Have you noticed that some agents out there sell more houses than others?  Have you wondered how some agents achieve a higher price for their clients or how some agents simply sell houses quicker?

Buying a house is an emotional experience and should not be based on a logical decision.  At JDG we want to find you a buyer who doesn’t just like your home but loves it!  They need to see the value in your home.

However in order to do this and achieve the best price for you, we have to make sure we do everything to the best of our abilities.  This starts at the beginning with the advice we give you and the personal approach we adopt.  It’s all about great presentation and bespoke marketing.  Great photos are key in attracting quality viewers.  How your home is shown to prospective buyers is essential, hence our viewings are carried out by highly trained property specialists.  It all makes a difference and it is how we achieve the excellent results we have become known for.

Just like the best restaurants out there, if we set ourselves high standards and follow our unique in-house process, we achieve excellent results.  We might not always break the street record for the highest selling price house, we might not always sell every home we list. What we do aim to do though is best position your home against neighbouring homes for sale.  Why should somebody choose your property to purchase?

At JDG we understand that your home is your largest investment.  That is why we work on value driven services and solutions which are there to ultimately add value to your home sale thus achieving you a great price in the process!

If we fail to deliver, you don’t pay us a penny.  At JDG you have to everything to gain and nothing to lose.  I wish I could say the same for the restaurant and airline!  If you’d like to chat about moving home or would like to book a free home consultation, please get in touch.  We are here to help.  Call us on 01524 843322 or 01524 409100

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