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Selling your home? It’s time to Spring into Action!

The spring is officially here.  The days may still be cool and often damp, however the occasional appearance of the sun is changing the way many house hunters are thinking.  The focus is rapidly changing from the cosy fireplace and wood burning stove to something slightly more important  –  Your outside space.

Your garden is so important when it comes to selling your home therefore you need to make the most of it. It needs to look at it’s best.  Excuses of the time of year are no longer acceptable.  You need to get out there and get rid of any signs of the winter and the high winds we’ve experienced.  Your garden is a feature which could make or break your sale.  Here are our five of our top tips which are easy to do and help you achieve selling success!

Thinking of Selling? It is time to Spring into Action

Mow the lawn

Mowing the lawn is such a simple tip, yet so many lawns are looking a bit overgrown.  A little tip from our gardening friends is to set the mower at the highest setting.  It will neaten it all up without making it looked scalped.

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Case Studies. A Lancaster Client Success Story

Welcome to the second of our new case studies, a series of articles where we look at the real reasons people move and how they achieve their moving goals.

Everybody has a reason for moving or having to sell a property.   Some are happy stories.  Some can be sad.  For some people it’s off to pastures new.  This could be due to a new relationship,  it might be a job change.

Some clients have a time frame they need to work with.  Other’s will tell us they are no rush.  Every client is different as we discovered  with the sale of this Halton property!


The moving story of Harrowdale Park, Halton




Address 12a Harrowdale Park,  Halton Read more

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