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Does Size Matter?

If you ask a male and then ask a female if size matters, you are likely to get two very different answers.  Girls like to think that the best things come in small packages (think diamond rings).  Boys like to think the bigger the better ( especially when it comes to flat screen tv and motorbikes! ).  However when it comes to choosing your home, how important is the size of your home to you?

Does your current home feel too small?  Is there not enough space to put things?  Are you lacking useful storage or is just the kids are growing and need bigger bedrooms?  It could be the reverse.  Maybe now the kids have left home or your lifestyle has changed.  Your home might be too big and you might feel you are spending too much time and money on cleaning it and general maintenance.

There are no strict rules on the perfect size of house.  It all comes down to your individual needs.  However a good agent will find out from you what they really are and will be able to help you find that perfect sized home.  Here are some points to for you to consider.

Does the size of your home matter?


The size of your family

How big is your family?  A single person will have totally different needs to a growing family.  Chances are if you have 2 children you’ll want a bedroom for both of them.  Plus of course one for you!  However do you regularly have guests that sleep over?  Do your family live away and therefore need to stop when they visit?  All of this needs to be taken into consideration when thinking about the size of your house.


Your lifestyle

Everybody’s lifestyle differs.  Just this week I met a family who have guests home for dinner most evening, therefore the living space of a home far outweighs the size of the bedrooms.  I’ve met a lady who keeps chickens and likes to grow her own veg therefore a decent size garden is essential.  If your family spends a lot of time together a big open plan kitchen diner might be ideal however if you hate cooking and prefer TV dinners, a larger living room could suit you!  People also have hobbies and interests.  Do you work from home and need a study?  Could a summer-house in the garden be the answer for your hobby room?


The leisure time you have

It might sound wonderful having a big old house, or a home with a large garden, but do you have the time to maintain it?  If you are homebody type, a large garden might be bliss.  However if you enjoy days out and have a hectic social life it could also be a headache.  Are you looking for somewhere that is just a base or do you spend a lot of time at home?


The running and maintenance costs of a home

Just last week a gentleman dismissed a home has too big due to his concerns over the running costs.  He felt the size of the rooms were just too big to heat up despite the fact he wanted a four bedroom house. Another client bought a home which others had dismissed as too small. She wanted a home which was more compact but one with a garden to suit her needs and eco requirements.  Larger homes generally take more money and time to maintain and run.  You could however always employ a gardener and cleaner.  I know many who do!
So, how does size matter to you?  At different stages in your life your needs will change.  It happens to us all.  There is no ideal sized home as we all want different.


Just remember though if you are a home owner trying to sell you can make your home feel bigger just by doing some simple de-cluttering, minimising and stream lining.  If you need help in doing this, please let us know.  At JDG we are to help.  We’ve helped clients make their home feel bigger.  We’ve helped clients make their home feel more cosy.  All have gone onto sell.  The question is, how can we help you?


My name is Michelle Gallagher.  If you are thinking of moving or need help in finding you dream home, please get in touch.  You can reach me or my colleague Nina at JDG Estate Agents.  I hope to chat with you soon.  Call me on 01524 843322

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