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It’s time to get interviewing when choosing your estate agent.

It always fascinates me why people choose a particular estate agent.  Just like there is any industry, there is a choice out there.  Why do people call certain agents out but not others.  What goes into their decision process? For many people, moving home is not something that happens often.

It’s time to get interviewing when choosing your estate agent.



Last week I was invited out to value a home for a semi retired couple. They have lived in their home for almost 40 years.  Moving isn’t a decision they have taken lightly.  In fact it has been something they have been considering for the past 18 months.  They asked 3 agents out to value.  We were one of them.  For the respect of client confidentiality I’ll re-name my couple Mr and Mrs Smith.


Mr and Mrs Smith are a very polite, welcoming couple.  On arrival, they greeted me warmly, offered to take my coat and made me a coffee.  We sat down and had a chat about their moving plans.  Mr Smith asked me some questions.  He wanted to know about my experience.  How long I had been in the company.  And what areas did my company cover.  He was very precise explaining that he wanted to ask each agent the same questions.  His wife apologised explaining he used to work in recruitment.  I told her no need to apologise.  I’ll happily answer any question they have.


I then asked to be shown around.  Mr Smith consulted is pad.  I don’t know what was fully written on it however he then decided that was ok. Mrs Smith accompanied me around the home.  I asked questions.  I made comments and many observations.  Mr Smith made notes on his pad.  I tried to sneak a look.  Several boxes were ticked, one had a cross. This was a beautiful home.  One I knew we had potential buyers for.  I wanted it for sale.
We sat back down.  I asked before I gave my thoughts on their home and discussed a marketing strategy did they have any more questions.  Yes they did.  They explained that they were not going to choose an estate agent based on fee nor on the price they put on the property.  It was going to be on a series of questions which will help them decide who is the best agent for them.  And it’s this I’m going to share with you.  I won’t share my answers today, we can discuss them later!



What is your role within the company? Is it full-time or part-time?

How long has your company been trading?

How many homes have you sold last year? This year? Last month?

What area do you cover?

How many homes have you sold similar to mine in my area?

What do you think are the best features of my home?

What would you feel are the negatives of my home?

How will you market my home?

What type of person do you think will buy my home?

How long do you think it will take to sell my home?

How do you communicate with your clients?

What is your pricing strategy and why?


I answered all the questions throughly, sometimes bringing out evidence to back up answers.  There were some smiles.  There were some frowns.  I refuse to tell a client what they want to hear, I believe in being upfront in the beginning however I gave advice and suggestions.  I gave my opinion on the marketing price and my reasons behind it, asking them how they felt about it too.  They thanked me for their time.  They wanted to now consider all the valuations over the weekend explaining to me that their home is their biggest tax-free asset so it is important they made the right decision in the agent they chose.  I advised them to also consult family and friends who had recent moving experience.  They smiled again.  They already had…….
I’m proud to say, we are now their chosen agent.  We have several viewings booked already.  Fingers crossed they’ll be moving soon.
My name is Michelle Gallagher.  If you are thinking of moving, please get in touch.  We don’t pressurise.  It’s all about service and results at JDG. Let me show you how…..


You can reach me on 01524 843322 or 409100.  Alternatively drop me an email at

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