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What if your home could take a selfie? How would it look?

Did you know? The word “selfie” is now in the Oxford dictionary.  It is was chosen as the word of the year in 2013.  At first it was thought selfie taking was a craze, however as I write from holiday, it seems to be a craze which is not destined to go away!

What if your home could take a selfie......
As I sit on my balcony, the couple in the next villa have spent the last 10 minutes prepping for their holiday selfie. It’s amusing watching. Furniture has been moved, the towels tidied away. The rose wine glass has been filled and is bout to be strategically placed. Currently they are deciding if they should get the pool and villa in the shot, or just the villa. They must have taken about 20 shots already! Maybe I should offer to help. However they have got me thinking. This is serious effort, all to look good on their holiday snaps and show off their villa choice to their friends. Would they go to same lengths for their home sale? What can we all learn from them? If your house could take a take a selfie, how would it prepare itself?

Stage your home

Have you ever looked around a show home and seen how they accessorize their rooms?  The way they are colour coordinated and the cushions perfectly plumped?  This is done to sell a lifestyle.  It makes people want to buy.  Think about our selfie taking couple using props in their photos.  If you were taking a selfie in your kitchen, how would it look?  Do you need to move anything?

Consider your lighting

Lighting is key when taking any photos.  Too bright a light can look harsh.  Photo’s at night can sometimes look scary.  Ask you estate agent when they think the best time of day would be for your home.  We often find late morning or early afternoon is best when the tonal range created by the sun is smaller.  Would you a take a holiday selfie on the beach if it was pouring down?

Choose the best angles and compositions

One of thing I love most watching people take selfie is the angles they stand at. How they tilt their face to show their most flattering angle and the way they position their leg!  Even the pout amuses me.  Let’s transfer this thinking to your home.  From what angle does your room like best? Make sure your agent captures those best features!

Don’t make your home look like something it’s not

We’ve all heard the horror stories how people on dating sites have used flattering photos of themselves, sometimes taken years ago!  We’ve all seen the “filtered” selfies on Instagram and Facebook.  This time, I’m going to say DON’T do it.  Don’t make your home look something it isn’t. By all means show it off.  Make it look it’s best.  However in order to cinch that sale, make sure it matches expectations on viewing day!


My name is Michelle Gallagher.  I hope our “selfie” inspired analogy helps you with your property sale.  At JDG we are here to help.  We’d love to give you bespoke advice on how to get the best price for your home.  Please give me a call in Lancaster on 01524 843322 or my colleague Nina in Morecambe on 01524 409100 .

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