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4 things we can learn from car sales when it comes to selling your home

Have you seen any of the new reg cars out yet?  I’ve spied 5 so far this month.  All nice and gleaming, their bodywork still shiny.  The owners driving them look so as pleased as punch, excited about their new vehicle.

It’s strange but I always know when my husband ( aka Mr JDG ) is thinking of changing his car.  The car not only gets washed and polished, but the inside is cleaned and the dashboard polished until it shines. It gleams.  He takes it very seriously.  If you get chance, ask him about the time he polished it with a tin of pledge!  Apparently he’s not alone ( except the pledge polish bit ).

According to my friend who works in car sales, many people do this when they are considering a part exchange.  They hope that by doing this, they’ll get a much better deal.  People often have their chips in the alloy wheels fixed and little dents fixed!

It got me thinking.  If we do all of this as standard when it comes to selling our car, why don’t we apply the same principles when it comes to selling our home?

4 things we can learn from the car industry when it comes to seeing your home
Here are 4 great ideas for the car industry that we can learn


Clean and Polish

When we decide to sell our car, we give it a full valet.  Why should we treat a house differently?  Your home is your biggest tax-free asset.  Make sure it is spic and span.  If necessary, steam clean the carpets and wash those windows inside and out.  Polish your fittings ( including your door handles and bathroom taps ) so they shine!  Cleaner houses attract higher offers!

Fix any small problems

From a dripping tap, through to a door that won’t close properly, it’s alway worth fixing those small jobs that you never quite got around too.  Little things like this can make a huge difference to the pice someone will offer on your home.  You’d do it for a car sale to get a few hundred pounds more.  It could add thousands to your house sale!

Make it smell great

New cars always smell great.  Apparently you can now buy new car air freshener!  I’ve never tried it, however I am tempted!  People like the smell of a clean fresh car, whether they are buying new or 2nd hand.  Now apply the same principle to your home.  I’ve written about this before.  The smell of vanilla for example is associated with luxury.  Citrus is fresh whilst Lavender is so relaxing!


Get your Paperwork in order 

One of things the car industry is really great at is making sure their paperwork is order.  Would you  buy a car with no MOT or a missing service history?  How about one with no log book?  By getting your paperwork in order for your home, you can often sell it quicker and for a better price.  You can demonstrate it’s value.  Buyers also feel reassured and more trusting.  Make sure you have any guarantees and certificates for work to hand.

Can we help you move?  Call us for a free home consultation.  At JDG we are here to help.   My name is Michelle Gallagher.   Call us on 01524 843322 or 409100

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