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Can your agent afford to give you time? 

At the time of writing this,  I have toothache.  Real bad toothache.  The sort where you can’t sleep and just don’t know what to do with yourself.  I need a dentist.  The internet can’t help me,  googling toothache doesn’t help.  I need the help of a professional.  An expert in their field and somebody who I know won’t hurt me.  It will cost.  But it will be worth it for I am in pain.

I used to think dentists were expensive.  You might do too.  But when you think about it, the years they have trained, the experience they have, the sheer cost of their equipment and costs they have to actually run their business, they probably aren’t as pricey as we think.  I’m going to hold that thought for when I pay my bill tomorrow.  I’m going to focus on what they have actually done, which hopefully will be to have fixed my tooth!   I say this because a client has recently asked me to explain my fees as an estate agent.  They asked me what we actually do for our money.  Not sarcastically, they genuinely want to know.  I decided to write it down.  The time we invest even surprised me!

Let’s look at a sale we have recently completed on.  I have a chosen a 3 bed semi-detached house in Bowerham.  The entire process from beginning to end took 12 weeks.

What do-2

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What Alex Ferguson taught JDG Estate Agents

Love him or loathe him, you have to agree Alex Ferguson was the greatest team manager ever.  He did this by surrounding himself with people who all did the individual roles better than he could himself.

Sir Alex believed in great teamwork.  Here at JDG we like to think we have done this ourself.  Our team are our greatest asset.  Individually we have some great players.  Put us together we have a formidable team.

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We may be the best but we can all get better!

by Michelle Wilden and Emma Sterritt

There’s always room for improvement.

I believe we have the best estate agency in the area.  I see this through our results.  I actually hear it from many of our clients.  Some of the kindest words have been from customers who have actually not bought through us, saying they wish they had.  I say kindest because these words have been said unprompted from people who had no real need.  I drive around and see our sold boards  smiling back at me but still somewhere deep inside me I know we can be better.  You see, my belief is this.  We can all be better no matter how good we actually think we are. Read more

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