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How To Stage And Photograph Your Home To Sell It Quickly

Last month I met a lovely couple and their young child.  They had decided to move.  Like many other families of their age, they needed more space.  However they had made the fatal mistake of house hunting first which had resulted in them finding a home they loved.  They needed a quick sale.  However they also needed a top price in order to be able to afford their dream property.

Does this situation sound familiar?  If so this weeks top tips are just for you.  This is what we did.  It worked.  Their home is sold……

How to stage and photograph your home to help it sell quickly




Begin by making your rooms look more spacious.  Remove any excess furniture and minimise wherever you can.  In your living areas this may mean tidying shelves, hiding things away in cupboards.  In kitchens it may mean clearing work surfaces.  In bedrooms neaten your bedsides and hide away shoes and clothes in cupboards.  De-cluttering really does work.

Clean and touch up

Look objectively at your home.  Now is the time to really give it a thorough clean.  Make it sparkle and shine.  Touch up any paint work.  If you want a great price your decor needs to be fresh and tidy.  If you find it difficult cutting in, its worth calling a professional in or asking a family member for help!



Accessories are an estate agents best friend.  It works for the show houses so it will work for you.  Think like a hotel and dress your bed.  Invest in statement light fittings for your main living areas.  Plump up cushions in your lounge.  Make sure your home co-ordinates and flows.  It all helps to impress those buyers


Your photos

Make sure your property photos are worth showing off.  Great photos attract buyers to come look.  Poor photos can put them off.  Make sure they are bright and show off the room.  They also need to be honest too, so on viewing days it’s really important your home looks like the photos taken.  Keep them handy for a quick reference point.

Add in a full marketing package and an experienced sales team and your home will also sell quickly for a premium price.  We agreed 34 new sales in September.  Can we help you move?  Call now for your free home move consultation.  At JDG we are here to help!

My name is Michelle Gallagher.  If you are considering moving, please give us a call.  At JDG we are here to help.  Our advice is free.   Call me on 01524 843322 04 01524 409100


4 things we can learn from car sales when it comes to selling your home

Have you seen any of the new reg cars out yet?  I’ve spied 5 so far this month.  All nice and gleaming, their bodywork still shiny.  The owners driving them look so as pleased as punch, excited about their new vehicle.

It’s strange but I always know when my husband ( aka Mr JDG ) is thinking of changing his car.  The car not only gets washed and polished, but the inside is cleaned and the dashboard polished until it shines. It gleams.  He takes it very seriously.  If you get chance, ask him about the time he polished it with a tin of pledge!  Apparently he’s not alone ( except the pledge polish bit ).

According to my friend who works in car sales, many people do this when they are considering a part exchange.  They hope that by doing this, they’ll get a much better deal.  People often have their chips in the alloy wheels fixed and little dents fixed!

It got me thinking.  If we do all of this as standard when it comes to selling our car, why don’t we apply the same principles when it comes to selling our home?

4 things we can learn from the car industry when it comes to seeing your home
Here are 4 great ideas for the car industry that we can learn


Clean and Polish

When we decide to sell our car, we give it a full valet.  Why should we treat a house differently?  Your home is your biggest tax-free asset.  Make sure it is spic and span.  If necessary, steam clean the carpets and wash those windows inside and out.  Polish your fittings ( including your door handles and bathroom taps ) so they shine!  Cleaner houses attract higher offers!

Fix any small problems

From a dripping tap, through to a door that won’t close properly, it’s alway worth fixing those small jobs that you never quite got around too.  Little things like this can make a huge difference to the pice someone will offer on your home.  You’d do it for a car sale to get a few hundred pounds more.  It could add thousands to your house sale!

Make it smell great

New cars always smell great.  Apparently you can now buy new car air freshener!  I’ve never tried it, however I am tempted!  People like the smell of a clean fresh car, whether they are buying new or 2nd hand.  Now apply the same principle to your home.  I’ve written about this before.  The smell of vanilla for example is associated with luxury.  Citrus is fresh whilst Lavender is so relaxing!


Get your Paperwork in order 

One of things the car industry is really great at is making sure their paperwork is order.  Would you  buy a car with no MOT or a missing service history?  How about one with no log book?  By getting your paperwork in order for your home, you can often sell it quicker and for a better price.  You can demonstrate it’s value.  Buyers also feel reassured and more trusting.  Make sure you have any guarantees and certificates for work to hand.

Can we help you move?  Call us for a free home consultation.  At JDG we are here to help.   My name is Michelle Gallagher.   Call us on 01524 843322 or 409100

Selling your home? It’s time to Spring into Action!

The spring is officially here.  The days may still be cool and often damp, however the occasional appearance of the sun is changing the way many house hunters are thinking.  The focus is rapidly changing from the cosy fireplace and wood burning stove to something slightly more important  –  Your outside space.

Your garden is so important when it comes to selling your home therefore you need to make the most of it. It needs to look at it’s best.  Excuses of the time of year are no longer acceptable.  You need to get out there and get rid of any signs of the winter and the high winds we’ve experienced.  Your garden is a feature which could make or break your sale.  Here are our five of our top tips which are easy to do and help you achieve selling success!

Thinking of Selling? It is time to Spring into Action

Mow the lawn

Mowing the lawn is such a simple tip, yet so many lawns are looking a bit overgrown.  A little tip from our gardening friends is to set the mower at the highest setting.  It will neaten it all up without making it looked scalped.

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8 tips for a stress-free move

I’ve read so many articles and heard so many stories that moving house is stressful.  I’ve read reports that it is one of the most stressful events that can happen in somebody lives.  Is it really?  There are many more stressful life events out there.  Can we put things into reality?  Is moving house more stressful than losing a job that you loved?  Going through a divorce?  Living in a war-torn country?  Discovering you have a terminal illness?  I’m certain it isn’t!

For most people stress caused by moving home can easily be avoided.  All you have to do is get your preparation right.  There’s a little saying.  “Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail”

8 tipsFor a Stress Free Move

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How to quickly prepare for those last minute viewings!

Do you get frustrated when the estate agent calls to book a viewing yet only gives you 24 hours notice?

It’s difficult isn’t it?  You don’t want to say no, however you are also worried that your home doesn’t look quite it’s best.  If you say no, you risk losing the viewing.  If you say yes, how on earth do you get ready in time?  Today I want to share with you one my favourite tips.  We devised this for a client.  It worked for her and I’m sure it will work for you.  It’s really simple.  Buy 4 cardboard boxes.  Here is what to do with them!

FullSizeRender 2

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Light up your home for selling success!

Your home is de-cluttered, your decor tip top.  You’ve finished off all of those odd jobs that needed doing.  You are almost ready to market your home.  However before you do, have you considered your lights?  Great lighting adds atmosphere.  It transforms a gloomy corner.  It can make your home stand out on a dull day.  Here are some simple ways to brighten your home and make it stand out to your potential buyer!


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The Great British House Off

Hands up.  Who’s watching the Great British Bake Off?  We certainly are.  We watch as the contestants compete with each other, all  vying to be crowned the UK’s best baker.  We watch the challenges they go through, the triumphs and the tears they share.  Mel and Sue are there coaxing them along, giving them words of encouragement before they present their bake to the judges, all hoping that they will be the chosen one and crowned star baker.

The bake-off got us thinking.  It’s very similar to preparing your home for sale.  The big question is, does your home have the right ingredients to impress your viewers and clinch that sale for you?


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Do I need a For Sale board?

Every week without fail, somebody asks must I have for sale board?  There are various reasons for asking, ranging from not wanting to upset the neighbours, through to the fear of somebody knocking on their door directly.  Each time I always answer no.  If somebody really does not one, I will not force you. However before you decide against a board, let me tell you why I believe they are essential.


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Does your home have the X factor?

Love it or loathe it, it won’t be long before the X-factor is back on TV.  The adverts have started, there to entice us to tune in on a Saturday night.  Whilst we don’t know who the winner will yet be, two things are pretty much guaranteed.  One, there is a high probability they will be the Xmas Number One.  Two, whoever wins will be styled and cheographed over time to perfection.

The really interesting thing is that to get them there, they go down a Long Road.  And it’s this process that makes them a winning hit.  Some may call it madness.  However those who choose to follow the advice of Simon Cowell and his label syco have a great future in front of them.  However it’s the process they go through, not the promise that makes them top of the pops.  And it’s exactly the same when it comes to selling your home.  Let’s look how.

FullSizeRender 2

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Why you should finish those odd jobs before you put your home up for sale.

Odd Jobs.  Most of us have them around the house.  Sometimes it is the things we never quite got finished.  Sometimes it minor things that need repairing.  It could be something we would change if we were not planning on moving.  We convince ourselves our buyer can do that.  Or change that.  I’ve heard house owners tell me buyers change things anyway, so what is the point?

The point is clear.  You are right.  Buyers will change things.  However they want to do it through desire in a time frame that suits them.  Not through need.  If they are doing it through need, it will most likely affect what they will offer you.  Not finishing your minor odd jobs could cost you thousands!


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