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Case Studies – Charlbury Grove, Heysham

Address – Charlbury Grove
Price £125,000
Time on Market – 30 days till offer accepted

Number of viewings 3
Reason for sale – Upsizing

Best Estate Agents, Morecambe

Property History

The seller came to us as he had been on the market with another agent for 95 days and had not sold his property.  He had noticed we had sold 2 properties within close proximity to him and the asking prices of these properties were both £7000 higher than his asking price but his still had not sold.  He really couldn’t understand why.


Our Solution

It’s not often we put an asking price up on a property.  This was home which was in great condition.   To be fair his photos were excellent,  possibly too good with the fancy photography used.

We began by recommending that we increased the asking price by to £125,000.  At his current asking price, the owner had no flexibility in his price and we were concerned that buyers still may try to make an offer.  We prepared an in-depth brochure showing the key selling points of the property.  Our photos were bright but honest.  We wanted buyers too have a true picture of the home.

The property was well advertised on both Rightmove and Zoopla, in the local newspaper and provided a display in our high street office as well as showcasing the property on social media.  Once the property was live, we telephoned buyers registered on our system to create interest in the property.


The result

The seller had an offer on the property within 4 days and, after further viewings and negotiations, the vendor accepted an offer on the property within 30 days.  The offer was within 96% of the asking price and £2000 higher than the asking price with previous agent.  Everybody was happy!


If your home is struggling to sell and you’d like a 2nd opinion,  please give our Morecambe team a  call on 01524 409100.


Have you really viewed that house?

How do you house hunt?  Are you a sofa surfer who looks at almost every Rightmove listing that comes available online?  Or are you someone who is much more specific, purely hunting in a very small area?  We are all very different you know.  First time buyers often have to work to a tight budget, finances dictating what they can afford to buy.  Further up the chain, home movers have much more exacting needs, ranging from the location they want to live in, through to the need for an additional bathroom!

The internet is great for house hunters.  I’m not going to dispute other wise.  In many ways it has become a modern-day newspaper but with so much more detail.  It’s easy to look online.  We can do it at work.  We can do it from home.  We can even search for a property whilst sat in a cafe from our smart phones.  I know people who tap into the details whilst outside the house (Rightmove’s current location tool is great for this).  We then make a decision.  Do we book a viewing or not?  And this is where property hunting often becomes difficult for many!

How AgentsCan Use SocialMedia-3

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The day I made a client cry

Have you ever upset somebody? Not intentionally, but told somebody something they don’t want to hear, really believing you are doing the best thing?  I have.  I am not proud.  In fact it upset me too.  I made an old lady cry.  It certainly wasn’t my intention.  I want to share with you what happened so understand that estate agents do have hearts.  You see my job is about people.  Not houses.  That might sound a little odd, but hopefully you’ll soon understand.  Here is my story.


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The Perfect Match

It’s valentines week.  Love is in the air.  People are out house hunting,  hoping they will find a home to “fall in love with”

I am an estate agent.  You know that already.  But did you know I believe that my job is more about people than property itself.  Sounds odd doesn’t it?  However my job is like that of a dating agency.  You have a house you want to sell.  I have a mailing list full of buyers.  Can I get them to fall in love with your home?


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A 1930’s Morecambe home with history.

A real life story

I’m an Estate Agent and by my own admission a nosey one too.  I believe to be successful in this industry you need to know about the home you are selling.  In many ways I feel it is like buying a car.  Surely you would want to know the full service history of the vehicle so why should a house be any different?

A house will also cost most people a lot more money.  With careful questioning most clients are able to give me at least the information I require, you know the type of question.  How old is the house?  When did the windows get replaced?  Is the boiler serviced annually?  And so on.  10 Lonsdale Road, however was able to give me considerably more, starting with the original sales brochure and ever so quickly I found myself becoming rather fascinated by this unassuming 1930’s home and it’s former owner.

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A real life love story. Boy Meets Girl and buys house!

How it all began

Meet Steve and Cassie. Steve and Cassie met on Plenty Fish of Fish, an online dating website. I daren’t really tell you about their past dating experiences but let me say this. They didn’t work. In fact I think Cassie’s even Dad wanted to kill one of them! However in March 2012, Steve messaged Cassie and the start of a beautiful relationship began with their first date at Nando’s. Read more

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