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Selling your home? It’s time to Spring into Action!

The spring is officially here.  The days may still be cool and often damp, however the occasional appearance of the sun is changing the way many house hunters are thinking.  The focus is rapidly changing from the cosy fireplace and wood burning stove to something slightly more important  –  Your outside space.

Your garden is so important when it comes to selling your home therefore you need to make the most of it. It needs to look at it’s best.  Excuses of the time of year are no longer acceptable.  You need to get out there and get rid of any signs of the winter and the high winds we’ve experienced.  Your garden is a feature which could make or break your sale.  Here are our five of our top tips which are easy to do and help you achieve selling success!

Thinking of Selling? It is time to Spring into Action

Mow the lawn

Mowing the lawn is such a simple tip, yet so many lawns are looking a bit overgrown.  A little tip from our gardening friends is to set the mower at the highest setting.  It will neaten it all up without making it looked scalped.

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5 simple ways to update your home just like you would your little black dress

A little black dress is considered to be a wardrobe staple.  It’s the blank canvass of the fashion world, there to be dressed up or down as the occasion dictates and easily transformed with simple accessories.  Worn on it’s own, it often goes unnoticed.  Add a pop of colour, a silk scarf or a bit of sparkle and it’s a force to be reckoned with!

I often visit homes with plain white, cream or magnolia walls and plain carpets to match.  Does this sound familiar?  For example when selling a home on a larger housing estate, there is always competition.  It is easy for one home to merge into another for a viewer, especially when they all look to offer similar.  You need to make sure your home stands out.  You need to accessorise it so it shines.  Give it the black dress make over!

Little black dress

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12 Selling Tips for Christmas

It’s December.  And as such we thought we’d share with our 12 top selling tips for Christmas.  Houses, apartments and bungalows all do sell during the festive period.  There may be less people out house hunting, however those who are,  are generally a lot more serious.  Many home sellers have concerns.  Do they put the Christmas tree up?   Can they decorate their home for the festive period?  If done correctly, and tasteful is the key here,  we believe Christmas can actually help your home sell!

This year, we though we would ask our each member of our team what their top tip would be.  Here they all are.  Which one do you like best?

12 tips to sell your home this Christmas

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Do not disturb me please!

Are you thinking of moving in the New Year but really don’t want the hassle over Christmas?

You are not on your own.  When we are out valuing homes in November we often find clients fall into one of two camps.  Those that want to move now and those that would like to move soon but find Christmas is quite simply in the way!  Is this you?  If so please read on.  Our brilliant plan might just be the perfect solution.

Do not disturb!

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Should I sell now or wait until the Spring?

As the autumn slowly turns into the winter, and the shops start to fill with Christmas, many potential home seller ask me this question.   Do I put my home up for sale now or wait for the better weather?


Its true.   Countryside homes with far-reaching views and large gardens may sell better in the Spring, however for many others living in-built up areas the market is no longer seasonal.   Internet traffic is up on the winter nights as people spend more nights inside their homes due to the dark, damp weather.   Here are just a few reasons why you should consider selling now!

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How to make your home feel more welcoming

Have you decided you want to move home?  If so, you are about to have more visitors than you’ve probably had all year.  However rather than friends and family calling around for a coffee, these people are serious home buyers.  Your home needs to be looking it’s best.  Here are few little tips to help impress those viewers this Autumn.


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How to sell your home this spring!

Spring has Sprung.  Lambs are in the fields and the daffodils are making an appearance brightening our days and our morning drive into work.  Everybody feels more positive. The housing market bounces into life.  More properties come available for sale.  But more properties mean more competition for you. To sell now you need to make your home stand out from the crowd!

Here are some simple ideas which work.


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7 tips to sell your home this Winter

The winter is well and truly here.  The days feel dark.  The days are often wet.  We have seen snow and high winds.  It is cold out there.  Why would anybody want to move?

The new year brings a whole new group of buyers.  All house hunting for different reasons.  The question is how can we attract them to your home?  How can we make them want to buy?  Selling your home in the winter does unfortunately require more work however if you follow these simple tips you’ll soon be securing yourself a buyer.  These are tips we share with our clients.  We know that they work.

How to-6

Make sure your prospective buyers can park

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5 Top Tips to sell your home in November

JDG Estate Agents's Blog

It’s November.   The housing market is supposedly starting to slow and the excuse you hear from your agent is that’s the time of the year.  But is it really?

Houses are still selling.  In fact since the introduction of the Help to Buy scheme they are selling very well indeed.  So how can YOU secure that sale on your home.

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7 tips to sell your home in the Autumn

How to-5I love the autumn months.  I love it for the comfy sweaters and warm drinks.  I love it for all it’s cosiness. Cooking hearty stews and keeping warm in front of the wood burning stove.  Thick rugs which are soft under foot and rich coloured tactile fabrics.  I also love it because if you get it right, autumn is the 2nd best time of year to sell your home.  Families are back from the summer breaks and the kids are back at school.  We have a couple of months of calm before Christmas is upon us!

Summer months conjure up images of sitting out in the garden and enjoying a barbecue.  Viewings often focus around your outside space however come the autumn that focus moves on.  The weather is cooler, often dull and rainy.  Think now instead of a cosy lounge with a roaring fire.  Think of thick cosy rugs, throws on beds and luxurious cushions than you can snuggle up to whilst chatting with your family.

Here are our 7 favourite tips to help you achieve the right look to sell this autumn and steal a march on your competition!

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