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Does Size Matter?

If you ask a male and then ask a female if size matters, you are likely to get two very different answers.  Girls like to think that the best things come in small packages (think diamond rings).  Boys like to think the bigger the better ( especially when it comes to flat screen tv and motorbikes! ).  However when it comes to choosing your home, how important is the size of your home to you?

Does your current home feel too small?  Is there not enough space to put things?  Are you lacking useful storage or is just the kids are growing and need bigger bedrooms?  It could be the reverse.  Maybe now the kids have left home or your lifestyle has changed.  Your home might be too big and you might feel you are spending too much time and money on cleaning it and general maintenance.

There are no strict rules on the perfect size of house.  It all comes down to your individual needs.  However a good agent will find out from you what they really are and will be able to help you find that perfect sized home.  Here are some points to for you to consider.

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8 tips for a stress-free move

I’ve read so many articles and heard so many stories that moving house is stressful.  I’ve read reports that it is one of the most stressful events that can happen in somebody lives.  Is it really?  There are many more stressful life events out there.  Can we put things into reality?  Is moving house more stressful than losing a job that you loved?  Going through a divorce?  Living in a war-torn country?  Discovering you have a terminal illness?  I’m certain it isn’t!

For most people stress caused by moving home can easily be avoided.  All you have to do is get your preparation right.  There’s a little saying.  “Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail”

8 tipsFor a Stress Free Move

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How to make your home feel more welcoming

Have you decided you want to move home?  If so, you are about to have more visitors than you’ve probably had all year.  However rather than friends and family calling around for a coffee, these people are serious home buyers.  Your home needs to be looking it’s best.  Here are few little tips to help impress those viewers this Autumn.


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Are you in the moving mindset?

Have you ever tried to lose weight?  I know lot’s of my friends have.  Many of them started with diet fads in their 20’s.  We are now all approaching our 40’s and most of us have failed miserably.  Sure we lose a few pounds, however ultimately most of us pile it back on.  And so the diet starts again!

In my 20’s I was lucky.  I weighed just over 8 stone. I  was a size 8.  If anything I was too skinny.  As I approached 30 and become more settled in life, the pounds started creeping on.  I became a size 10 as my weight approached 9 stone.  Fast track to now.  I’m 39.  I’m a size 12 (most days) and my weight last month hit over 10 stone.  You might not think this is a big deal.  I’m not huge however something happened which totally changed my mindset.  My wedding dress did not fit.  I get married in less than 7 weeks. The dress fitter asked me to lose weight.  I felt like crying.

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Light up your home for selling success!

Your home is de-cluttered, your decor tip top.  You’ve finished off all of those odd jobs that needed doing.  You are almost ready to market your home.  However before you do, have you considered your lights?  Great lighting adds atmosphere.  It transforms a gloomy corner.  It can make your home stand out on a dull day.  Here are some simple ways to brighten your home and make it stand out to your potential buyer!


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Let’s discuss Estate Agent fees…….

Why is it that estate agency fees vary?  Why is it that some estate agents charge more than others? Why, when you call to ask what they charge, do you feel like they avoid your answer, making it feel like you are literally going around the houses to get your answer?  It really shouldn’t be like this, should it?


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How To Choose An Action Agent

We all know someone who can talk a great game.  It might be a friend, a business colleague.  It could even be a family member.  But what happens when it’s your estate agent?  Sometimes talk can be cheap.  Cheap talk can end up being expensive for you resulting in you reducing your house price in order to get that sale.  You need to find an agent which is results driven.  One who will fight your corner and do all they can to get you that best price for you in a time frame you’d like!

Here is how you can find that action agent!


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The Mulberry handbag, a catwalk model and selling your home.

Can we make comparisons?

I love making comparisons in property.  Everywhere I go, I find them. I  like to use them.  I find it helps people relate better to their home and understand what I am trying to help them achieve.

When you decide to move home, you are doing it for a reason.  We all have them and surprisingly they can differ greatly.  Some people need more space.  Others have a job change and are moving out of the area.  It could be you are moving in with a loved one and are starting your next chapter in life.  It might be that you want to buy one of the new build homes in Lancaster and Morecambe.  Many people also have a time frame, especially if they have already seen a house they wish to buy.  My job is to help you achieve your moving goal and get you the best price for your biggest tax free possession in the process!

Last week I was called to value a modern townhouse.  Three unrelated facts to this story are that the owner’s daughter is buying a house through our agency.  We have just agreed a sale on neighbouring home and when we sell this house, we will have sold every house in this row!

Whilst this house is very well presented, we chatted about home staging and how we live is actually different to how we present a home for sale.  During our conversation I somehow discovered that this lady loves Mulberry handbags.  Her eyes lit up as she talked about them and her latest purchase which had just arrived.  It got me thinking…….

The past has no power over the present-2

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How to decorate your home for selling success!

Deciding to move home is a big deal.  For many it’s a life changing event.  We have dreams and we have hopes.  We pour through magazines and pinterest boards planning on how our new home is going to look often forgetting the one we already live in.  Our current home becomes our past as we look and plan the future.  But how can the future become reality when we our current home isn’t yet sold?  How can we get the price for it?  After all we all want the best price don’t we?

Let’s look at your decor in your present home.  A client just has and the result is, we found a buyer on relaunch in just 6 days!


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How to transform your rear yard in four easy steps

Spring is here.  Garden Centres are full of lovely plants and barbecues on sale.  The nicer weather is making people want to be outside having spent a wet winter cooped up indoors.

Here at JDG, we are noticing this on viewings.  People are spending longer looking in the gardens at the properties they view.  They are thinking more of how the garden will work for them and their family.  When you have outdoor space adjacent to your home, you can show at it as an extension of your living room, creating an area where people can relax and socialize.  When you have a garden it’s easy to see where the kids can play or where there is space to grow your own veg, something which are finding becoming increasingly popular.

But what if you only have a small yard.  What can you do then?  My advise.  Transform it.  I give this advise often to my clients.  In fact I give advice room by room, but lets look at the yard today.  There’s lots of simply things we can do.  Here are my top 4 idea’s!


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