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What is home staging?

Have you ever wondered what home staging actually is?  A few people get nervous about it, thinking we are going to ask them to refurbish their home for sale. We are not!

Put simply, home staging is simply preparing your house for sale.  The purpose behind it is to make your home is as appealing as possible to the widest number of buyers with the aim of getting a quicker sale and a better price in the process.  Home staging takes into consideration the flow of your home, your furniture arrangement and looks at eliminating clutter so your home looks brighter and more spacious.



Mich home staging



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Real Life Success Stories. Moreton Green, Heysham

Property Address – Moreton Green, Heysham

Price £125,000

Time on Market – 7 Weeks

Reason for selling – Upsizing


 Wilton Close

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How smells can influence the selling success of your home

Have you ever heard of scent marketing?  In case you didn’t know it is a technique used by many businesses in order to help influence a buyer / client’s mood.  Smell is thought to be the most powerful sense we have.   A smell can affect how we feel.  Research has found scent can add to a buyer’s perception of a product’s value.

This week I wanted to look at how the right smell can positively influence your home sale and how wrong the smell can easily put buyers off!

The sweet smell of selling success

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Real Life Case Studies. Wilton Close, Lancaster

Property Address.  Wilton Close, Lancaster

Price £200,000

Time on the market  6 weeks

Number of viewings 5

Reason for selling Relocating to be closer to family

Sold for  Full asking Price

Wilston Close, Lancaster.  Sold by JDG.  This client had tried to sell with two other agents

Property History

The client was changing agents having tried not one, but two low cost fixed fee local agents. She was struggling to get interest and had only 3 viewings over a 300 day period. Like many other people who choose this route she had been tied to a lengthy contract which luckily was about to expire. She came to us asking for help and was interested to know what we could do different.

Our Solution

To the relief of the owners we chose not to reduce the asking price but focus on the property marketing and what she could also do to make the home look more attractive to buyers. This included better photos and simple home staging. We talked about how to advertise the property and where. We considered who their likely buyer would be and created a bespoke plan to attract this type of person


The result

We generated 5 viewings in a 4 week period. After a 2nd viewing, the eventual buyer offered the full asking price allowing our client just last week to move onto pastures new and live close to the their family and grandchildren. Our client was most happy. Their last agent had advised that they reduce their asking price. Had they done this they would have been thousands out of pocket.  Luckily they called us!


We wish Mr and Mrs Tomlinson all the best in the future and hope they enjoy the benefits of having their family closer.  Can we help you move with a bespoke moving plan?  If so please call me on 01524 843322.  At JDG we are here to help you.

4 tips to set the correct asking price for your Lancaster or Morecambe property

When it comes to selling your home, one of the most difficult decisions a homeowner has to make is how to price their home for sale.  What pricing strategy should you adopt?  Who’s advice should you take?  If your price your home too high, you run the risk of buyers not looking.  Price it too low and you might end wondering, could I have achieved more?  Does this sound familiar?

At JDG it is our job to advice you on how to get the best price for your property.  Different factors are taken into account and these can differ dependent on the current market conditions.  However in order to make it easier for you to understand we have broken it up in to 4 useful handy tips!

4 to help you set the correct asking price for your property

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Case Studies. A Morecambe Client Success Story









Beware of the Estate Agents Contract

When you choose to sell your home with an estate agent, you will be asked to sign a contract.  This is not unusual.  It is standard in our industry.  After all, you need to have an agreement in writing with your estate agent so you are both clear over the marketing price and also the agreed fee you will be paying at the end.  However what is not so clear to many property sellers is the exclusive term your estate agent may be holding you too.  Are you aware of this?  Have you read your contract?

Beware of the Estate Agents Contract



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How a great viewer can make a huge difference to your property sale

This weeks article stems for a true story.  It is from the experience of a client of ours whose home we are in the process of selling.  Our client shared with us her experience of trying to move home to date.  It made for interesting reading……

How to choose an estate agent

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Case Studies. A Lancaster Client Success Story

Welcome to the third of our case studies series of articles.  This week we wanted to show you a property which was struggling to sell with another estate agent.   We’ve chosen this one for all of those out there who are feeling a tad despondent in the hope we can show you that a few small tweaks can make a huge difference.


Real life moving stories
















Property Address  Tebay Court, Beaumont Park

Price  £132,950

Property Type  2 bed town house

Time on market until sold  2 weeks

Number of viewings booked  4

Reason for sale  Upsizing as they now had a toddler and needed an extra bedroom.

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It’s time to get interviewing when choosing your estate agent.

It always fascinates me why people choose a particular estate agent.  Just like there is any industry, there is a choice out there.  Why do people call certain agents out but not others.  What goes into their decision process? For many people, moving home is not something that happens often.

It’s time to get interviewing when choosing your estate agent.



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